Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Hike To The Summit Of Arizona's Camelback Mountain

No, that is not Mount Wichita you are looking at here, though the resemblance is uncanny.

Currently, on this Valentine's Day of 2017, Mount Wichita is shrouded in clouds with those clouds dripping on the mountain and its surrounding area.

That would be Camelback Mountain we are looking at here, not Mount Wichita. Mount Wichita is in Texas.

Camelback Mountain is located two states to the west, in Arizona, in what is known as the Valley of the Sun, which is the location of towns such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler  and Sun Lakes.

A few minutes ago my phone made  its incoming text message noise. Soon upon checking on the source of that noise I saw a message with a photo.

The message was "Valentine's morning  hike to the top of Camelback. Heading south  to Sun Lakes later today."

You can see who sent this message from Camelback below, but before we get to that let's take a closer look at the south side of Camelback Mountain.

It was my Favorite Nephews, Chris and Jeremy, whose mom, my Favorite Sister, Jackie, took me on a tour of Camelback Mountain during my most recent visit to Arizona. The homes built on to the side of Camelback are impressive. I really liked the one above which looked like a fortified castle with a cactus making what looked like an obscene gesture in the foreground.

Prior to touring Camelback, Jackie and I had hiked up the former Squaw Peak, now known as Piestewa Peak. This was a brutal hike in blazing sun, with the trail shared with dozens of tourists from all over America, in town to watch baseball players play some training games.

No, what we are looking at here is not the well designed trail to the summit of Camelback Mountain. I believe that summit trail is accessed from the north side of the mountain. What we are looking at here is on the south side, with that stairway leading to yet one more impressive home built into the side of the mountain.

And now we get to the mountaineer who sent the below photo this Valentine's morning from high atop Camelback Mountain.

That would be Spencer Jack's Favorite Dad, my Favorite Nephew, Jason, currently in the Scottsdale zone to see his dad and to surprise his Grandma, in the aforementioned town of Sun Lakes, with appropriate Valentine's Day surprises. I assume such would be a box of chocolates and maybe some sort of fragrant flower.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day from the summit of  Camelback Mountain....

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