Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Little Sister Jackie

On the morning of this day, many decades ago, way back in the previous century, my little brother, Jake, big sister, Clancy, and myself, found ourselves sitting on the south side of the curb of Fairhaven  Avenue in the Washington town called Burlington.

Our home abode at the time was on the same block as the curb we were sitting on, on the street due south called Washington Avenue, directly across from Maiben Park, Burlington's one and only city park.

On the north side of Fairhaven at that point in time there was a hospital. I do not remember the name of that hospital. It was soon  to be turned into apartments when a new hospital called United General was built between Burlington and Sedro-Woolley.

It was in that new United General Hospital that my last littlest sister, Michele, the mother of David, Theo and Ruby was born.

And it was in that long gone hospital on Fairhaven Avenue that my then littlest sister, Jackie, was born, on this date, decades ago.

Myself and my two siblings were sitting on that curb on that morning on this day, decades ago, so we could see our new baby sister for the first time. At that point in time kids were not allowed in the hospital, or so we were told.

So, we sat on the Fairhaven curb and scanned the fourth floor windows until we finally spotted our dad holding our new baby sister, Jackie, at the window, so we could see her for the first time.

I remember this like it happened only yesterday. I was seven at the time.

Happy Birthday, Jackie. Hope to see you soon.....

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