Friday, February 7, 2014

North Texas Remains A Snowy Icebox On The First Friday Of February

As you can see, looking down to the ground thirty feet below, from my outer world patio viewing platform, we are still not rid of snow at my location on the planet.

However, the snow has removed itself from the roads, for the most part, so, currently driving on those roads is not the treacherous nightmare it was yesterday.

But, snow is forecast as possible again today, with a possible repeat of yesterday's slick debacle.

I am now on my third day in a row of not getting my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy session. The lack of aerobically induced endorphin stimulation is starting to take a toll, as I seem to be slipping into SAD, as in Seasonally Affected Disorder.

Yesterday when I had my snow driving slip and slide to ALDI my intention had been to also go to Walmart, needing as I do an inkjet cartridge. But in ALDI I was told that Eastchase Parkway was a vehicle strewn mess on the Walmart side of the I-30 freeway. Even so, I almost risked it, not realizing til I almost got home how slippery that hill that leads down to Walmart would have been. I think I dodged a bullet on that one.

This current winter in Texas may be the worst since I've been in Texas, worse that the icy mess that greeted Super Bowl week a couple years ago. We still have plenty of winter to get through before the arrival of Spring on March 20.

I am thinking I may get myself some firewood today. I've only lit a fire in my fireplace one time previous.

I think a nice roaring fire might help break me out of my bout of SAD.....

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