Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who Is At The Center Of Fort Worth's Culture Of Corruption?

I don't see TRWD board member Marty Leonard clutching her pearls in the above illustration. But that does appear to be Jim Lane at the Center of the Culture of Corruption.

Today I did not feel like going walking or biking in the HOT humidity. I was already overheated in my abode, due to being annoyed regarding what I was being told about yesterday's Tarrant Regional Water District board meeting.

Apparently, at some point in the meeting, board member Jim Lane berated Mary Kelleher over campaign claims made in mailings in the last election. Lane acted like a hostile bully, disgusting many in the packed meeting room.

It has been a month since the TRWD Olivergate Scandal erupted. I blogged about Jim Oliver's bad bully boy behavior in The TRWD Olivergate Scandal Takes Another Scandalous Turn With Denials, Lies & Cover-Ups.

The Olivergate Scandal came about because newly elected TRWD board member, Mary Kelleher, had the raw gall to request some TRWD records. TRWD employee, Jim Oliver, then had what amounted to a hissy fit, directed at Mary Kelleher.

And now what do I learn today?

A month later and Mary Kelleher has received few of the records she requested.

It gets better.

Yesterday Mary Kelleher's fellow TRWD board members voted in a new operating procedure regarding the viewing of TRWD records.

The new operating procedure requires a board member to get the approval of the other board members in order to view the public TRWD records.


What have these people done that they are going to such lengths to keep from being public information?

I am also wondering what it takes to trigger a federal racketeering type investigation. One of those deals where a grand jury hands down indictments, with dozens of elected officials and public employees taken to jail in handcuffs and ankle chains?

Is Fort Worth too much of a remote backwater for the FBI to bother with?


Anonymous said...

To answer your last question, I really doubt it because corruption and lack of moral courage are apparently too deeply entrenched in Tarrant county. Dallas and other communities are not so pure thenselves, but they seem to have enough people willing to take a stand and to call a spade a spade. It's very commendable but also very sad to see lone voices, and pockets of resistance, such as Mary Kelleher (trwd), Don Young (city of FW), the Paradise center group (mhmr and tarrant county) stand up to these corrupt bullies. Tip of the hat to you as well, Mr. Durango, for speaking up and drawing attention to these serious matters affecting all of us in the community.

Anonymous said...

A riot is an ungly thingk... undt, I tink, that it is chust about time ve had vun.