Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hopefully Tomorrow's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Happy Hour Inner Tube Float Will Be Corpse Free Along With Clean Swimmin' & Dirty Livin' Free Koozies

Yesterday a woman was found floating, dead, at the location where the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube floats take place.

Some have suggested that tomorrow's floating should be canceled, due to a body being found floating where the inner tubes congregate.

Others opine that it is no big deal, people turn up dead all the time.

We don't shut down a freeway because someone died in a car wreck.

We don't shut down a roller coaster just because someone got tossed off it to their death.


Well, anyway, tomorrow's J.D. Granger floating show will go on as scheduled.

Not only will the floating show go on, despite bodies found floating in the floating zone, tomorrow if you buy one of J.D.'s classy "CLEAN SWIMMIN' DIRTY LIVIN'" tank tops you will get yourself an equally classy "LET ME HOLD YOUR CANS" can Koozie for free.

What a deal.

And the band providing the music for tomorrow's inner tube float?

"Dirty River Boys".


And people wonder why it is that J.D. Granger now has a world wide reputation for being the world's best inner tube happy hour music event promoter....

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Anonymous said...

Why bless his heart. They sure are keeping things classy down there. Thank goodnes for the boy wonder.