Monday, March 4, 2013

My Tacoma Poodle Nephew Blue Survived Being Attacked By A Vicious German

Blue Recovering From Savage German Blitzkrieg 
I just heard from my sister in Tacoma that Ruby, Theo and David's poodle brother, Blue, was viciously attacked yesterday, whilst on a walk.

Attacked by an unleashed German Shepherd.

Blue was rushed to the Emergency Vet where his condition was stabilized.

Blue is on potent antibiotics and pain meds, but is still feeling miserable.

I do not know what became of the vicious German Shepherd.  I assume the perp has been arrested and charged with assault, along with his irresponsible owner.

I think I have previously mentioned my aversion to most things German. Including German dogs.

Blue is not French, he is mostly Dutch. The Germans have a long history of being vicious to the Dutch.

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Betty Jo Bouvier said...

My co-worker's sheltie mix was torn up by a pitbull two days ago. The pitbull got in my friend's fenced yard and did some real damage to the poor little doggie.