Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Sunday Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Lots Of Litter

I somehow missed most of last night's North Texas Thunderstorming.

I heard only one clap of thunder.

And that clap was not close.

I somehow did not hear the rain pouring down in what I've been told were copious amounts.

By daylight there were some storm indicators on the ground in the form of water puddles and debris.

Some of the debris was in the form of items like tree limbs.

Other storm debris was in the form of litter. Like the litter you see in the picture that I saw when I went walking with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington today.

All that litter piled up behind a dam/bridge does not seem all that natural in a Natural Area.

It was in the 60s, I think, when I went for a cool pool dip this morning. We have lost about 15 degrees since then.

Tomorrow I begin 5 days of catsitting Miss Puerto Rico's extremely neurotic cat. I hope I don't forget that I am supposed to check in on that neurotic cat...

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cd0103 said...

It rained hard, but was over fairly quickly. We got .75 inches. Well, .73 to be exact, lol.