Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is The U.S. Postal Service Criminally Neglectful Delivering Parcels In Fort Worth?

Way back last year, on December 21, I blogged  The Post Office Is Very Sorry They Missed Me.

The mail delivery person had left a note in my mailbox telling me a parcel was not able to be delivered.

Despite there being parcel delivery boxes next to where my mailbox is located.

I followed the instructions on the note to request re-delivery via the USPS website. I made this request twice, both times getting an email telling me the re-delivery request had been received.

I stuck a note inside and outside my mailbox telling the delivery person to put parcels in the locked parcel box or deliver to my door.

No parcel was delivered.

I subsequently learned the undelivered parcel was a box of Christmas cookies mailed from Seattle. The person who sent those cookies checked with the USPS tracking system which told her the parcel had been delivered.

When, in reality, the parcel made it as far as my mailbox, without being delivered.

After three weeks of waiting for the parcel to be delivered I mailed a letter to the Postmaster of the Poly Station Post Office on Rosedale, that being the Post Office where undelivered parcels are kept.

In my letter to the Postmaster I detailed the problem, including scanned images of the postcard left by the delivery person, and the messages from the USPS website.

I have not heard back from the Poly Station Postmaster.

In my letter to the Poly Station Postmaster I pointed out that since the Postal Service failed to deliver the parcel, I thought a refund was owed to the sender.

Now that I have had time to think about this outrageously bad service from the US Postal Service I am thinking the problem may be much worse and much more systemic than one might think.

As I have already said, this type failure to deliver has happened multiple times.

One would think that a Postmaster, upon learning of such a failure, via a well-articulated letter from a customer, would investigate, would get back to the customer.

Perhaps with an explanation and an apology. And the undelivered parcel.

Is there something more sinister going on here? Corruption at the local level of the US Postal Service?

Are postal delivery persons failing to deliver parcels and then purloining them? This would not be the first time this type theft has occurred in the US Postal Service system.

Which is why it strikes me as a bit damning that the Poly Station Postmaster chose to ignore my complaint letter. Wouldn't a person legitimately acting in a position of responsibility take this type thing very very seriously and want to get to the bottom of it? And fix the problem?

Does not taking money from a parcel sender in Seattle, and then failing to deliver, not constitute some sort of act of theft? A theft of both the money paid to mail the parcel and the possible theft of the parcel itself? Particularly when that failure is not addressed when a complaint is made?

Why would a Fort Worth Postmaster not be concerned when a detailed complaint about multiple failures to deliver is made by a customer? Is ignoring such a complaint not just another failure to deliver?

Since making a complaint to the local post office accomplishes nothing. And making a complaint to the USPS website is also fruitless, I guess my only remaining avenues of complaint are to send a letter to the Postmaster General of the US Postal Service.

And to blog about it.

Yeah, I'm sure that will get results.

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Anonymous said...

Just went to your D.S. fan site on FB and saw that you have a history of "lost mail ". Don't blame the hard working mail carriers bro, why would you toss the cookies though?