Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Mom & Dad Christmas Cookies Finally Arrived Along With Dark Photo Complaints

Christmas Cookies From Arizona
Last Friday my mom told me a box of Christmas cookies was on its way to me.

That day I told my mom about another box of Christmas cookies that had arrived that were inedible.

Those particular Christmas cookies remain uneaten.

I had about given up on the box of cookies from my mom & dad, figuring they'd gotten lost or purloined in transit.

But, they arrived today. There are two variations of my favorite in the box. Both involve raspberries and almond paste. It's a Dutch thing.

As you might guess from the cover of the box, they came from Arizona, the Phoenix suburb of Sun Lake, to be precise.

Changing the subject from Christmas cookies to Anonymous comments.

One of the Anonymous comments that caught my attention today did so by being interesting, the other by being odd.

The interesting Anonymous comment had to do with Don Young's Tandy Hills Christmas Tree caper....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Don Young Clears Up The Controversy Over His Tandy Hills Christmas Tree Cutting": 

Chesapeake owns the land east of the park.

So, is this Anonymous commenter suggesting that the Don Young Gang got their Christmas tree from Chesapeake Energy land adjacent to the Tandy Hills Natural Area? If so, I have no clue whether this makes the caper more, or less, capricious.

And then there was the odd Anonymous comment. It is of the sort that makes me wonder why someone would go to the Anonymous bother....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Afternoon View From Miss Puerto Rico's Thinking About Learning The Afghan Language Pashto & Turkey Soup":

This photo is too dark for me to appreciate anything about it. What was your reason for posting it? Actually, I used Photo Shop on it and improved its contrast and brightness enough to be able to make out a few things, and still I don't see any particular reason for its posting. Could you shed some light on it? 

Why would someone Anonymous go to the bother of asking why I would post a picture of the late afternoon, shadowy view from a balcony? Let alone look for anything to appreciate in the picture. And then in that quest to find anything to appreciate, go to the bother of brightening the photo in Photoshop.

That is just really weird.

I need to go eat a cookie now.


Anonymous said...

The cookies look ridiculously tasty, but the glaring southwest flavor of the boxtop sets up some cognitive a box of chocolate truffles illustrated with tepees...probably just me, though - my cognitives are naturally inclined toward dissonance.

Anonymous said...

Durango, I must say I agree with Anonymous about your much too dark photo. Furthermore, it does not become you to be so dismissive and critical of the comments made by a reader. I have noticed that you often deal this way with any criticism, however small. I have also noticed that you yourself tend, in your blog, to be quite critical of many and various people…asking lots of questions, generally subjecting those people to scrutiny and innuendo, and being quite sarcastic at times. Yet you yourself are intolerant of having a reader question or criticize something about your blog. I find that odd.
Now go eat another cookie.

Durango said...

Anonymous #2, the cookies are all gone. And I was quite tolerant of the Anonymous commenter commenting about that photo. I think it was quite legit to opine, that, in my opinion, it was odd to go to the bother of focusing any attention like that on some random photo on a blog. If I was dismissive of the Anonymous comment I would not have hit the publish button on it. Not hitting the publish button, now that would have been dismissive.

Bubba Lover said...

Durango, I don't think it likely that among the folks who read your blog there would be two people making an anonymous comment saying that a picture was too dark. I think it is the same anonymous person making these type anonymous comments. On the post with that picture the comment asked what your reason was for posting it, as if you must have some reason for posting a picture. You said the picture was the late afternoon view from a balcony, looking north. Since you were looking north the sun would have been behind you, which is what caused the dark shadows. I agree with you that it is very odd that anyone would go to the bother of complaining about that picture, and brightening it in Photoshop and then saying they still didn't see any particular reason for posting it. Where is the rule book that says you need a reason for anything on your own personal blog? Like I said, very odd, and very unlikely that two different anonymous people would comment about this.

Durango Lover said...

I agree with Bubba Lover. I think this is the same Anonymous person who has been making strange comments for weeks. Criticizing your TV viewing choices and other things in a very ham handed overbearing way. I've been reading your blog for years. This anonymous person is about the only person making comments that I remember you making fun of. On your blog when you make obversations about various issues it is never about something like the quality of a photo. It is usually about something like the Granger foibles, Chesapeake, floating with feces in the Trinity River. That type stuff. You seem to me to handle everything with a healthy sense of humor and a clever knack for sarcasm. This anonymous person seems to be missing a sense of humor. The line about you being intolerant of having a reader question or criticize something on your blog was particularly ironic. You come across as a very tolerant open minded person, while this anonymous person comes across as very intolerant and hypercritical about nonsense. I think this person is obsessed with you and is projecting their own attributes on to you.

You might want to consider not printing anymore of this anonymous person's comments. Doing so is feeding a troll. Except I do get that you find the comments funny due to the absurdity factor, so I doubt you will stop printing them.