Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don Young Clears Up The Controversy Over His Tandy Hills Christmas Tree Cutting

Don Young & His Christmas Tree Cutters Dragging
A Tree Across Non-Tandy Hills Natural Area Prairie
The missing Don Young feedback regarding Christmas tree harvesting on the Tandy Hills has been found....

Don Young has left a new comment on your post "Godfather Don Young Leads Three Generations Harvesting Christmas Trees From Fort Worth's Tandy Hills Nature Preserve":

FYI--Nowhere in my FB post do I say the tree came from Tandy Hills Natural Area. In fact, it came from private property adjacent to the park. Short-lived trees like Junipers, Ash and Privet are the main plants that are taking over the grasslands. During Brush Bash we remove many of them but we never remove Oaks, Elms or other long life trees and certainly not Yucca or any other native non-woody species. The guy on FB doesn't want ANYTHING removed but experts agree that unless we remove the trash trees there will be no prairie left at Tandy Hills. 


I don't think anyone could be faulted for assuming this controversial Christmas tree was cut from the Tandy Hills Natural Area, since the news of its cutting was on the Tandy Hills Natural Area Facebook page.

Along with a pair of photos which appeared to show a Christmas tree being drug across an open prairie zone of the Tandy Hills.

Who owns this private land adjacent to the Tandy Hills Natural Area from whence this Christmas tree was allegedly cut? Was permission to cut a tree asked of the owner before the Young Gang arrived with their axes?

Next time I'm on the Tandy Hills I'll try and follow the trail of the dragged tree to see if I can document where it was killed.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

I think most people believe that Don Young is generally a Force for Good in the Tandy Hills. Even as the author of one of the sarcastic comments about his clumsy Christmas tree caper, I don't doubt his fondness for the park. But posting that picture on the Tandy Hills Facebook page was magnificently, hyper-egotistically, dumb - and I think it provides sufficient excuse for any amount of nose-tweaking which therefrom results. You can't post a picture of yourself dragging a freshly killed Christmas tree across a publicly-owned nature preserve and expect an avalanche of warm fuzzies in return. Fortunately, here on the intertubes, any deed, good or bad, seldom goes unpunished.

Wanna cull trees? Fine - do it in an official, managed, boring way, preferably without enjoying it at all. Don't gather up the kids, grab an axe and go traipsing into a public park looking to murder an evergreen for Christmas. And especially, for Santa's sake, don't post evidence.

Anonymous said...

Chesapeake owns the land east of the park.