Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walking Around Fort Worth's Fosdic Lake Looking At Colorful Trees & Possible Alligators

Fosdic Fall Freeze Leaves Trees New Color
In the past few days we have had the first freeze of the fall. The freeze has the leaves in the trees putting on their annual fall foliage display of colors brighter  than the usual green.

Like the tree in the picture. Taken today at Oakland Lake Park where I went to walk around Fosdic Lake.

The temperature in the outer world, at my location, in the noon time frame, was almost 50. Little wind. No windbreaking jacket or wool cap required.

Currently it is 54 at half past 3 in the afternoon.

There were a lot of ducks flocking on Fosdic Lake today. They looked like they were having themselves a real fine time.

You have likely noticed I am suffering from extremely low energy lately. This malady has been maladizing me for a couple days now. I believe I am being allergic to something. Like the dirty air I get to breathe in this formerly totally parched part of the planet.

Speaking of which, I picked up this week's Fort Worth Weekly on my way back to my abode from Fosdic Lake. I see this week's featured/cover story is titled Dirty Air Through Rose-Colored Glasses. Apparently Environmentalists and TCEQ see different things in North Texas air pollution.

A Possible Gator Encounter On Fosdic Lake
The Dirty Air article is written by that nice young lady I met at the TRIP forum in the Botanic Gardens a couple months ago, Gayle Reaves.

Changing the subject back to Fosdic Lake and Giant Lizards.

For a second or two I thought I was seeing an alligator at the edge of the lake today.

I have what are technically known as Old Geezer Eyes. This can cause confusion due to blurry vision. I am almost 100% certain that that which looked like a gator was actually a log.

However, I did notice that the Fosducks were steering clear of this log.


Steve A said...

I would like your permission to submit your tree to the "" blog fall color tree contest under the name of Durango and point him here. I've already made an entry on my own behalf - a tree that I found inside the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.

Let's do it for the honor of Texas and to make all those places outside of Fort Worth GREEN WITH ENVY!

Durango said...

Steve A, you have my permission to submit anything of mine anywhere.

It must be awful living in one of those places that Fort Worth makes GREEN WITH ENVY!

Steve A said...

The "Durango Tree" is on "Rantwick."