Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Afternoon View From Miss Puerto Rico's Thinking About Learning The Afghan Language Pashto & Turkey Soup

You are looking at the late Wednesday afternoon view from Miss Puerto Rico's balcony, looking north,.

I was over at Miss Puerto Rico's to deliver a pot of turkey soup and to check out what was needed to hang her new big TV.

Today I did not go on my regular daily salubrious aerobic walk in the noon time frame because of a doctor's appointment in Hurst.

Sometime around 4 I left my abode to head to Quanah Parker Park and Town Talk. As I began driving I called Miss C. McP. I've been trying to get Miss C. McP on the phone for weeks. Today I succeeded.

Miss C McP talked to me all the way to Quanah Parker Park and my hour walk in Quanah Parker Park and then on to Town Talk when I terminated the talking.

There was a surprising number of people walking in Quanah Parker Park today. Methinks the park improvements have been a good thing.

Back to Miss C. McP. She was exiled, along with her family, to Oklahoma, the same month I was exiled to Texas. In 2008, Miss C McP and family moved back to the Skagit Valley in Washington, thus ending their Oklahoma exile.

The first time I went up to visit the McP's in Ada, Oklahoma, their little girl was 12. Their oldest boy was 17 and a senior in high school. Now the little girl has graduated from the University of Washington, with some sort of Oceanography degree and is working for NOAA on a research ship in the Atlantic.

Miss McP's oldest son went to the University of Oklahoma, where he got married. Then joined the army, served 2 or 3 tours in Iraq, is now back in the states in training to be a Delta Special Forces guy, or something like that, part of which is learning the Afghan language, Pashto, which he apparently has become fluent in.

And Miss McP's oldest now has 4 kids.

All of this made me feel old. And that I have been in Texas a long time.

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Anonymous said...

This photo is too dark for me to appreciate anything about it. What was your reason for posting it?

Actually, I used Photo Shop on it and improved its contrast and brightness enough to be able to make out a few things, and still I don't see any particular reason for its posting.

Could you shed some light on it?