Friday, August 27, 2010

Seeing Closed Libraries and New Sidewalks In Fort Worth

My intention had been to go to the Tandy Hills today, parking on top of Mount Tandy, to take a photo of the desecrating of the Mount Tandy Shrine, which I learned last night from Stenotrophomonas had had its golf balls stolen by a shrine desecrating vandal.

But, I was running late, and I remembered that the Fort Worth Water Boys had re-invaded the Tandy Hills, which if accessed from Mount Tandy I'd likely have an encounter where I would have had to negotiate my way around big trucks whilst breathing in noxious diesel fumes.

So, walking around Fosdic Lake in Oakland Lake Park became my destination.

On the way I went by the East Regional Library. Closed. When this library is open, usually every computer station has someone using it, plus others bringing in their laptops for Wi-Fi access. I don't know how one manages to afford a laptop, but not an Internet connection.

Judging from letters to the editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, citizens are starting to get cranky about the library scale backs. And pool closings.

While the City of Fort Worth has money for other things.

Like a few million to fix a clock tower, money to build a helicopter pad, money to buy inner tubes to give to people wanting to test their immune systems in the Trinity River.

And to build new stair/sidewalks, like the one you see in the photo above.

The new stair/sidewalk is in Oakland Lake Park. It is adjacent to a CCC, 30s era, constructed of rocks, picnic pavilion. Built, I assume with New Deal stimulus money.

Is current day stimulus money what is being spent on projects like Oakland Lake Park's new stair/sidewalk? Did Fort Worth get some stimulus money? Is that what is causing all the road projects? If there is stimulus money is there some prohibition against using it to keep a library open? Or a pool?

I find the new stair/sidewalk in Oakland Lake Park perplexing. If the old one presented a danger, could not that route have been blocked until funds were available, so the money could be spent on more urgent needs? There are 3 other easy routes to take you to the same location as the new stair/sidewalk.

I'd do some more curmudgeon whining, but I am hungry and lunch is ready.

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Stenotrophomonas said...

You'll be too late to catch the desecrated version of inner Mt.Tandy shrine - unless someone has done it again.
Friday afternoon, eight golf balls made their way up Mt.Tandy from the northeastern hills, as well as another strange object that may have been guarding them (or might just be litter). Three more balls are on their way from the woods near View St., and are expected to arrive sometime next week.