Saturday, August 21, 2010

Homeless Nice Doggy Needs To Be Adopted

Are you looking for a nice doggy to move in with you? Last winter the nice doggy you are looking at here was abandoned in the apartment complex Miss Puerto Rico takes care of.

Miss Puerto Rico has been feeding the nice doggy ever since. And making sure it has water.

The nice doggy follows Miss Puerto Rico around, but gets very wary if she tries to pet it. But, it will take a dog bone treat from her hand.

Miss Puerto Rico would adopt the nice doggy herself, except for one big problem. That problem being her cat, Tasha, who channels the spirit of Adolf Hitler.

The nice doggy needs a home, and a trip to a groomer.


Steve A said...

I would very much like to hear what Adolph Hitler would act like if he'd been a cat!

Durango said...

Steve A, Tasha the Nazi has no tolerance for any other specie but her own and even those she is real picky about. Tasha has a black spot on her upper lip that looks like Hitler's mustache. Tasha goes on guttural meowing rants and won't shut up. Tasha chews up territory that does not belong to her. Nothing made of fabric can be left with the reach of the monster's claws and teeth.

Loathsome Creature said...

Has anyone adopted the doggy yet?

Durango said...

No, Loathsome Creature, no one has adopted the doggy yet.

Don Young said...

A dog rescue friend recommends 'owner-release' to SPCA of Texas... Call 1-888-Animals, listen to the prompts.