Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hiking The Tandy Hills While Whining Like An Old Curmudgeon About The Weather

When I drove up to my parking spot on View Street to hike the Tandy Hills, first thing I noticed was the Tandy Tire had made it all the way to the pick-up zone.

The temperature was not in HOT mode, so I hiked more than I've done in awhile.

I'd been warned with a Head's Up from the Tandy Hills Watchdog, Don Young, that the Fort Worth Water Boys were going to be back this week.

And they were there today, rutting up the newly opened Tandy Highway. And being noisy.

This morning I went to Colonel's Bike Shop on University by TCU. University Drive has been re-paved since I last drove it. But, traffic on that road and all those hordes of students, make for a congested zone, in the middle of which is Colonel's Bike Shop.

I got back here and when I woke up the computer I had a funny blog comment from someone calling him or herself "Mattydigs."

Mattydigs said....

Your stupid blog 'vexes' me. You come off like a whiny old curmudgeon.

p.s. No one wants to read your weather reports.

Now, why would Mattydigs read a stupid blog that vexes him or her? That is a pretty stupid thing to do. Of course I come off as a whiny old curmudgeon due to the fact that I am a whiny old curmudgeon. It is a nice compliment to hear that this blog is accurately reflecting me.

And how does Mattydigs know no one wants to read my weather reports? Did he/she do a poll?

People like Mattydigs vex me.

As for the weather report. It is only 86 at half past 1. Almost dead calm, humidity up, Heat Index of 91.


Mattydigs said...

I forget how i came across I think i was doing a random google search for something else. Anyways you made me smile with this post. Sorry about my rudeness before.. I think I just needed some nicotine in my system. Hehe I think you're pretty awesome for owning that like you did. My apologies.. please keep 'doing you' :)

Anonymous said...

I get all my weather reports from Durango.

Stenotrophomonas said...

By 3 p.m. today the water people were confined to the trail leading out near I-30. But sometime between Tuesday and now, someone has looted the golf balls from the mountaintop shrine. The blue plastic Easter egg, the plastic plate, and the ruptured ball were left behind. I will stick my neck out and predict that some new golf balls will migrate up from the hills in the northeastern reaches below Menzer in the next few weeks.

Durango said...

Stenotrophomonas, very vexing to learn the Tandy Shrine has been desecrated again. I walked by the junction that would have taken me to the formerly golf balled zone, and had an impulse to go up to the top of Mount Tandy, but did not. But tomorrow, I suspect I will inspect the desecrated shrine. I have a supply of golf balls ready for replenishment.

Wonder what the deal is with the water boys? On the north side of 30 there is the biggest water sucking operation I've seen yet, going on, starting somewhere near Oakland, heading west towards Beach. I don't know where they are sticking the pipes in to suck the water.

Stenotrophomonas said...

The best golf balls come from the park itself. There are many in the hills south of Menzer, north of the trail leading eastward from about 100 feet from the river crossing below Mt Tandy. There are also a few golf balls to be found around View in the fringes of the trees. The former are best because they have probably been out for decades and will act like sodden rocks when hit by a golf club.

MLK said...

I live in Texas in my mind because of this blog. Please keep up the posts.

Just like the Lyle Lovette song, "I Live in My Own Mind" When I read this blog, it is sunny all the time.

I live in Tacoma, I need this blog.

Anonymous said...

The biggest water sucking operation that I've seen is near Marion Sansom Park and Inspiration Point overlooking Lake Worth. The pipes even go over the street (Biway) which links Roberts-Cut-Off Road to Jacksboro Highway. I will drive by there later tonight to see what's currently going on.

same as above said...

The pipes are still there and the square arch over Biway holding the pipes is still there too. There's a natural gas well pad nearby so I'm assuming that's what the pipes are for.