Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Early Texas Sunday Morning Thinking About A Former Shih Tzu Former Homeless Puppy

We are looking out my bedroom window at the slightly moonlit early morning of the last Sunday in August.

It is way hotter than yesterday's morning temperature of 67. Right now, at a little past 6am, it is 78 out there.

The cute little formerly homeless doggy had a successful trip to the groomer and vet.

Miss Puerto was sure the little doggy was of the Shih Tzu breed. Yesterday the vet identified it as a Lhasa Apso doggy. And it is just a puppy, less than a year old.

Miss Puerto Rico is hoping I'll take a picture today of the newly spruced up Lhasa Apso. Apparently after his haircut he looks really tiny.

I think I need to close the windows. I am sort of overheating in here. Maybe it's the HOT coffee.


being stalked said...

may we see a picture of the doggy please?

Durango said...

Dear Stalked Being, the Doggy has not made itself available, yet, for a photo session. I have not heard from his agent today, yet.

misses cleo said...

I thought the doggy might be a yorkie-poodle mix. My little dog Cleo looked a lot like this doggy and she was a yorkie-poodle.

Durango said...

Misses Cleo, I don't know dogs very well. I assume the Vet made an accurate ID. I've not yet seen the doggy in his newly barbered condition.