Sunday, August 28, 2016

Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

Last week, on August 24, 2016, to be precise, I blogged about Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Fraud.

In that blogging I blogged about the rather bizarre fact that nothing had been done about the rather obvious electoral fraud which occurred in the last TRWD Board Election, where Marty Leonard and Jim Lane were re-elected in a HUGE landslide, breaking Mary Kelleher's previous TRWD Board Election record by around 10,000 votes.

10,000 votes in an election which did not attract a large number of voters, and yet this election somehow generated around 10,000 absentee ballots, which, apparently, coincidentally, was about the same number of votes Leonard and Lane landslided to victory with.

Yet I detected no verbalization of outrage in what passes for the Tarrant County press and media. No editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram calling for an investigation. Nary a peep in Fort Worth Weekly, Nothing about the unseemly election results in the Fort Worth Business Press, which had endorsed one of those trying to unseat Leonard and Lane, that being Craig Bickley.

Two days after blogging about me being perplexed by the TRWD electoral fraud I was informed that finally something, supposedly is being done about this miscarriage of electoral justice.

I first learned of this on August 26, 2016 via the Star-Telegraph. Please note that is Star-Telegraph, not Star-Telegram.

Above is a partial screen cap of the Star-Telegraph blog post titled Attorney General’s Office Investigating Voter Fraud in Tarrant County.

An entity about which I know nothing, called Empower Texans, is apparently behind the effort to ferret out the corruption in elections in Tarrant County.

You can read the Empower Texans post about the Tarrant County Electoral Fraud in AG Investigating Voting Abnormalities in Tarrant County Elections.

As you can see, via the screen cap from the Star-Telegraph, the official in charge of the Tarrant County Election Office admits to knowing there were abnormalities related to mail-in ballots.

Now, unless I missed it, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has not informed its readers that Tarrant County is being investigated for Electoral Fraud. Would one not think that this is news the local population might want to know about?

It's like there is a Watergate type cover up of a worse crime than Watergate, with no local Woodward and Bernstein, journalizing for no local newspaper, following the money to find out how it happened that thousands of absentee ballots came in to play in the last TRWD Board Election.

Who has the most to lose if control of the TRWD Board is lost to the good ol' boy and girl network which runs Fort Worth and its environs in what is known as the Fort Worth Way?

It is all very perplexing.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line In Wichita Falls With Mr. Spiffy

No, that is not Mr. Spiffy you are looking at here, shortly after crossing the Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line.

I did not catch their names, but the announcer announced, to thunderous applause, that this pair of bikers was somewhere in the 90 years old range. I did not catch the exact age, due to the atmosphere being a bit noisy, which you can hear for yourself via the below video taken at the Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line.

Not everyone crossing the Finish Line rolled the entire 100 miles. I documented that fact in a blogging previous to this one titled Pickle Juice & Muscle Milk At The Wichita Falls Hotter'N Hell 100.

To qualify to go the full 100 miles riders must make it to what is known as "Hell's Gate" at the 60 mile mark by 12:30pm.

Mr. Spiffy took time out from rolling his wheels to take a picture of making it through Hell's Gate and documenting having done so on Facebook. Just a second, I will go see if I can find that picture. I'm sure Mr. Spiffy won't mind me purloining it.
If one makes it though Hell's Gate in time I believe the 100 mile route then eventually takes riders through Sheppard Air Force base where much cheering takes place.

Somewhere around 14,000 riders ride in the Hotter'N Hell 100. There are distance options shorter than the 100, such as 50 mile and 25 mile options. I think there may even be a shorter option.

What I do know for sure is riders were crossing the Finish Line the entire time I was there. I think I was off looking at something else when the first rider to complete the 100 miles crossed the Finish Line.

Below you can see a couple of race helpers holding orange strings to which Hotter'N Hell 100 race completion medals were attached. Part of the medal giver's job seemed to be to keep the riders moving along to make way for incoming Finish Line crossers.

The Finish Line scene became a bit chaotic at times, which you will also see in the video at the bottom.

As you can see, bikers came in all sizes and ages.

I was at the Hotter'N Hell 100 not too long today before I decided that next year I want to roll wheels at this event. This will require new wheels. A mountain bike would not work.

And now the aforementioned video where I find myself wandering amongst the incoming bikers crossing the Finish Line...

Pickle Juice & Muscle Milk At The Wichita Falls Hotter'N Hell 100

Yesterday I was told by a lifelong Wichita Falls local that the Hotter'N Hell 100 was a really big deal, bringing thousands of people to downtown Wichita Falls.

I thought there might be some exaggerating going on with that thousands of people claim.

Then this morning I was listening to the local radio station which calls itself BOB to find myself being told that there were already thousands of people at the MPEC (Multi-Purpose Events Center).

Yesterday I learned from Hotter'N Hell rider, Mr. Spiffy, that one needs to be at the finish line by 11 to be certain to see the first of the 100 mile riders cross the line.

I arrived in the MPEC zone around ten this morning. I quickly realized that that thousands of people claim was no exaggeration. All the parking lots around the MPEC were full, as were multiple other parking places near the MPEC. I drove towards the heart of downtown and found a place to park near where I parked for the 4th of July parade. It was only a couple block walk to get to the event center.

Via Facebook Mr. Spiffy has been updating his progress on today's 100 mile ride. The only update I saw prior to leaving for the Hotter'N Hell 100 was Mr. Spiffy's update from the first rest stop, where he was in line eagerly awaiting his dose of Pickle Juice.

Pickle Juice? wondered I and others.

One of the first things I saw upon arrival at the Hotter'N Hell 100 was that which you see above. A banner advertising the aforementioned Pickle Juice. I was offered no sample of Pickle Juice, but I was offered, multiple times, something called Muscle Milk. The first time I was asked if I would like some Muscle Milk I took slight umbrage. The question somehow seemed disparaging. In the video below, at the bottom of this blogging, you will see the moment I discovered from whence the Muscle Milk came.

The temperate was a bit warm, in the 80s, as I explored the Hotter'N Hell 100, and humid.

The above person, attired to look like a Holstein cow, asking people to eat more chicken, was miserable just to look at. The sad cow looked so HOT, and a bit feeble from likely heat exhaustion, with that feebleness requiring walking assistance in the form of the lady on the left helping the cow keep upright.

Art Bikes was a new addition to the Hotter'N Hell 100 this year.

There were dozens of cleverly designed bikes. The elephant bike was not the most clever, but it did seem to be the most photogenic.

Below we have some abstract Bike Art.

Near the Finish Line there is a large First Aid Station.

I don't know at what point in the ride the guy above crashed into injury mode. It looked painful. Did he crash near the Finish Line? Or crash miles away, but continue on to the Finish Line where he coasted to the First Aid Station?

At the Hotter'N Hell 100 one can escape the HEAT and find themselves in air-conditioned comfort inside a large exhibition hall where a lot of vendors were exhibiting a lot of bike related goods. As you can see, more people were enjoying the HEAT outdoors, than the indoor conditioned air.

What is all that orange material you see below being guarded by guards in gray t-shirts?

Well, the above is at the finish line where a constant stream of bikers crossed the line to find themselves being given a medal attached to an orange string.

The video below will give you a better idea of what some of the Hotter'N Hell 100 event looked like this morning. I took a lot of pictures, and video. Following this blogging I will blog another one, focused on the Hotter'N Hell Finish Line, where you may, or may not, see Mr. Spiffy.

Friday, August 26, 2016

At MPEC Day Before Wichita Falls Hotter'N Hell Hundred

Like I said in the Looking At Lucy Park Pagoda Focal Points Before Looking At Hotter'N Hell 100 blog post, which preceded the blog post you are reading right now, after doing some nature communing along the Wichita River in Wichita Falls' Lucy Park, I intended to make my way, via a confusing maze of roads, to the MPEC (Multi-Purpose Events Center) to see what there was to see of the Hotter'N Hell 100.

Well, I saw that which you see here, which I believe must be either the starting point, or finish line, or both of tomorrow's HOT race around Wichita Falls.

Before I saw that which you see above I saw a HUGE encampment of RVs, trailers and tents, set up on parking lots to the south of the MPEC.

I took several photos of the Hotter'N Hell encampment, but my photo skills do not render a photo worthy of showing how HUGE this conglomeration is of the Hotter'N Hellers is.

I saw a lot of vendors getting set up, likely opening later today, or maybe tomorrow.

The Hotter'N Hell 100 starts early Saturday morning. I expect to be at the MPEC before noon tomorrow, hopefully before the first rider rolls across the finish line.

I know only one person riding in tomorrow's Hotter'N Hell 100. He being the extremely speedy, Mr. Spiffy. Yesterday I learned Mr. Spiffy's doctor told him that for him to be in top shape for a 100 mile bike ride he needed to lose 20 pounds and start drinking red wine.

I doubt Mr. Spiffy has managed to lose the prescribed 20 pounds in the time since the prescription. I also doubt that enough time has passed for the wine to have had its salubrious effect.

Nonetheless, when I am at the finish line tomorrow, I fully expect Mr. Spiffy to be the first to cross it...

Looking At Lucy Park Pagoda Focal Points Before Looking At Hotter'N Hell 100

Til today I had not been back to Lucy Park since receiving an interesting blog comment earlier this month, part of which referenced that which you see here, that being the Lucy Park Pagoda.

Ann Arnold-Ogden has left a new comment on your post "Wichita Falls Creatively Covers Traffic Signal Boxes":

I'm the Community Marketing Director at the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, and I'm currently working on a video for Lucy Park! I asked the Parks Director, Jack Murphy about the pagodas a few months ago. In his email, he replied, "I thought it would be interesting to have some ornamental structures with an Asian flair. The blue roof Pagoda and the smaller shelter by the park road are meant to be focal points from each other along the open space axis between." 

Further information on Mrs. Saunders from her obituary: Mrs. Lucy O. Saunders, one of Americas foremost woman oil operators, died here today of Spanish Influenza. She amassed a vast fortune in the oil business, operating successfully in the Sour Lake, Batson, Tulsa and the Burkburnett fields. One of her most notable achievements was development of the Sunshine Hill, Texas field. 

Today I wanted to check out the epicenter of tomorrow's Hotter'N Hell 100 at the MPEC (Multi-Purpose Events Center).

Since Lucy Park is near MPEC I thought a peaceful nature walk would be salubrious prior to getting Hotter'N Hell.

And at Lucy Park I could check out the Pagoda and see if I could figure out how the Pagoda and another structure were focal points from each other.

Figuring out that focal point thing proved to be a futile effort. My powers of imagination are quite weak.

After failing to find the focal point I continued on to something more tangible.

With that tangible thing being the Lucy Park suspension bridge across the Wichita River.

I wonder how long it took to build this Wichita Falls suspension bridge over the Wichita River? I suspect construction took way less time than the four years it took San Francisco to build a suspension bridge across the Golden Gate.

Or the four years it is supposedly supposed to take Fort Worth to build a bridge over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

I like the golden brown color of the Wichita River. I wonder if anyone inner tubes in the Wichita River? The Wichita River somehow looks more inviting to get wet in than the Trinity River as it flows through Fort Worth. The Wichita River looks like one would be taking a mud bath, whilst the Trinity River looks like one would be taking a sewer bath.

It also helps the Wichita River seem more appealing to float in due to the fact that, unlike the Trinity River, one is not also floating with a lot of litter of various unseemly sorts.

Is the Wichita River tested for bad stuff, like too much E.coli? I suppose if no one goes floating in the Wichita River there would be no reason to be testing it for E.coli.

Well, enough of that, it's time to head to the MPEC and Hotter 'N Hell 100.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Need For Changed Oil Eventually Takes Me To A Wichita Falls Dock On A Bay

When I ignited my motorized means of vehicular transportation this morning the dashboard told me something like I should change the oil soon.

I am a big fan of being right on top of vehicle maintenance, never procrastinating on these type issues.

So, since I was driving to Walmart, among other destinations, and knowing Walmart had an Auto Care Department, I figured what could go wrong with a Walmart oil change?

I figured right. It was an efficient operation. I walked in, said I needed an oil change, was told to park the vehicle at the first open bay, did so. A Walmart auto tech guy was quickly there with a high tech handheld device taking down all the vital information.

I was given a card to scan on the in store price check scanning devices, with the card scanning telling me the status of the oil change whilst I did my search for Walmart goods. The first time I scanned the card I was told "Waiting". The second time I scanned the card I was told "In Bay".

I did not scan the card a third time because the in store loudspeaker loudly told me that "Mr. Jones, your vehicle is ready."

The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Leaving Walmart I took the out in the country route, leaving Wichita Falls to make my way to Lake Wichita for some maritime refreshment via a location I'd not been to previously, that being the Lake Wichita Boat Launch and Dock.

Walking out to the end of the Dock was a bit of a rickety boardwalk experience that I liked.

In the  photo documentation above, way in the distance you can see Mount Wichita looming over the far side of the lake.

I had originally planned to do some mountain climbing on Mount Wichita today, But, with the temperature semi-hot in the mid 80s, and with no wind blowing, I opted not to overheat via mountain climbing and instead acquired endorphins via negative ions zapping from the slow moving waves on the lake.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In August Thinking About Climbing Snow Covered Mount Wichita

No, that is not snow covered Mount Rainier you are looking at here. What you are looking at here is snow covered Mount Wichita in Wichita Falls, Texas.

A day or two ago I opined that it would be a good thing for a chair lift to be installed to take people to the summit of Mount Wichita, obviating the need to do that vexing mountain climbing thing for those disinclined to experience vertical exercise.

It did not occur to me that a chair lift to the summit of Mount Wichita might facilitate downhill skiing.

I found the photo you see above on the Facebook page about Mount Wichita titled The Dirt Hill.

Calling Mount Wichita "The Dirt Hill" seems sort of rude to me.

Are those people in the foreground sliding on a frozen Lake Wichita? If so, apparently Wichita Falls has the capacity to become a bit of a Winter Wonderland.

You would need to click the photo to enlarge it to see the large number of people trekking their way to the summit of the snow covered Mount Wichita.

I can not imagine doing so. Climbing Mount Wichita is treacherous enough without the added treachery of ice and snow.

I suspect in a few months, weather permitting, I will be finding out how doable it is to ascend and descend Mount Wichita when it is in snow covered mode...

Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Fraud

From the Wikipedia article about Electoral fraud....

Electoral fraud or vote rigging is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.

In Texas the government is very concerned about voter fraud, you know, people voting who should not be able to vote.

Even though there is no evidence this type fraud actually exists. But, in Texas some hoops were installed which voters had to jump through in order to vote, such as providing photo I.D.

Court rulings have recently ruled that Texas is in the wrong with this voter I.D. form of voter suppression, and must cease with the practice.


I get annoyed at how backwardly twisted Texas can be at times. As in installing procedures to prevent imaginary voter fraud, whilst doing absolutely nothing about actual election fraud.

Such as.

The last time there was a Tarrant Regional Water District Board election the election fraud seemed to be so obvious that a blind person could have spotted it from the moon.

Jim  Lane and Marty Leonard were re-elected with a record number of votes, a huge number of votes, far in excess of the previous record number of votes, held by Mary Kelleher, as in, something like 10,000 more votes, give or take a vote, or two.

The TRWD board election did not produce a big turnout.

And yet, for some reason there were something like 10,000 absentee ballot requests.


Now, please note the number of record breaking votes which re-elected Leonard and Lane.


It is not easy to get an absentee ballot in Texas, unlike most other states. In my old home state of Washington one could be a perpetual absentee ballot voter. Meaning one could mail in ones vote each election.

So, how is it that this TRWD board election, with its bizarrely skewed results, did not come to the attention of any sort of election oversight board.

Surely, Texas has some sort of election oversight system. Doesn't it?

Does the upcoming General Election include yet one more TRWD board vote? I don't know. I have not made note of any hype about such. But, I no longer get mailed the Tarrant County election mailers.

Is the reason there has been no investigation of what seems to be obvious election fraud in the last TRWD board election due to this being considered a low level type election not worthy of any sort of oversight?

Anyway, I know I've blogged about this perplexing issue previously, but I thought I'd bring the subject up again, what with it being an election year...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hostess Aunt Alice's Deep Fried Walmart Twinkies

A few days ago I found myself having the following exchange on Facebook with Aunt Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket....

Durango Jones Sounds like your new personal chef is working out for you, Aunt Alice. Getting you back on a healthy feeding regimen. Unlike your previous personal chef who had you eating way too many things like Deep-Fried Twinkies covered with hot fudge.....

Aunt Alice Personal chef? One could only wish sweetheart. You could be mine. I eat semi healthy. Love veggies. Deep fried Twinkies? Yum. Never had. Can I get your recipe? Not had Twinkies in years and years. Nor hot fudge. Making me hungry. Stop. Glad you worry about your Auntie.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, in Walmart, when walking by the freezer section I saw that which you see above.

Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Chocolate Twinkies.

Aunt Alice, these Deep Fried Twinkies may only be available in Texas, as part of the ongoing plot to try to get the Texas population to put on some weight.

But, next time you're in the Omak Walmart check out the freezer section and maybe you will find Deep Fried Twinkies....

I Am Soliciting Donations For Donald Trump & The Cult Of The Stupid

I hit the blog publish button yesterday to quickly find myself mortified to see that the blog had two Donald Trump Make America Great Again ads and one Only Trump Can Stop Crooked Hillary ad, soliciting donations to the campaign of the Great Embarrassing Orange Pumpkin.

I have no control over what ads appear. The ads are supposed to be content and user oriented. Sometimes this renders ads which make sense, and other times senseless ads, like finding myself being sort of a party to a con man conning confused simpletons into sending him money.

I do not remember ever so ardently wishing an election was over and done with. I don't remember an election where so many people opined so much stupid stuff based on nothing but their ignorant, ill-informed stupidity, reinforced by others sharing the same stupidity.

I blame the empowerment of stupidity on the rise of social media.

Before the rise of social media the stupid had no outlet where they could share their stupidity with other stupid people reinforcing each other's stupidity in a sort of Cult of the Stupid.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are two examples of locations where the Cult of the Stupid acquire much of their stupidity.

Go to FOX News online and read the comments to pretty much any article and you will soon develop a sick feeling regarding how badly educated the education system is educating way too many people.

Or go to Facebook.

I only have about 100 Facebook "Friends". I put "Friends" in quotation marks because only a few of the 100 are people I actually know. Even with only 100 Facebook "Friends" I manage to have several "Friends" who are charter members of the Cult of the Stupid.

I feel embarrassed for them when I read some of it. But, I long ago learned there was no cure for stupid. Stupid is like cancer, a disease in dire need of a cure, but with no cure in sight.

Hence the rise of Donald Trump and his Cult of the Stupid......