Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Does Fort Worth Star-Telegram Not Recommend Rejecting Trinity River Vision's Bad Plan?

This blogging appears to be a twofer of our ongoing theme of things I read in west coast newspapers, online, which I would never expect to read in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about anything happening in the Fort Worth Tarrant County zone.

Both these instances were in the Seattle Times.

Can you imagine a headline in the Star-Telegram telling readers that the Fort Worth skyline is tops in construction cranes? Overtaking New York City as the city with the most construction rigs transforming its urban landscape.

Well, to be fair, and I am always fair, Fort Worth does have those V Piers stuck in the ground, currently awaiting construction to continue after over a half year delay due to design errors. No other town in America has V Piers stuck in the ground awaiting an engineering solution. Plus being the only town in America, and likely the world,  building bridges over dry land to connect a town's mainland to an imaginary island.

Fort Worth is special.

And then there was this item I would not expect to ever see in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about something similar happening in Fort Worth or Tarrant County.

The Seattle Times is recommending voters reject the Sound Transit 3 plan. A $54 billion ballot issue.

The Seattle Times is recommending the transit planners come back with a better plan, next election.

First off, can you imagine the voters of Fort Worth, or Tarrant County, getting to vote on a proposal of such scope with such a price tag?

Fort Worth voters were not even allowed to vote on what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, struggling along for most of this century due to not being funded in the way normal public works are funded.

And that Fort Worth public works project is relatively puny, price-wise.

The Star-Telegram did not get the opportunity to advise its readers not to vote for the Trinity River Vision, because that plan to drastically alter the landscape of Fort Worth has never been presented to the Fort Worth voters.

Such is the way it is when people do not live in a real democracy, even whilst living in America, but instead settle for a bizarre form of dictatorship, known locally, by most, as The Fort Worth Way, currently under serious scrutiny due to outrageous election fraud.

Speaking of election fraud. I am in Fort Worth today, hoping to successfully vote.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walking Past My Neighborhood Pine Forest With Anybody But Hillary

Recently, maybe as recently as yesterday, I blogged about Walking Miles On My Neighborhood Sidewalks Past Disturbing Signs.

In that blogging I mentioned walking past a house which had a forest of pine trees in its front yard. I said the  next time I walked by I would take a picture of the pine forest.

That walk by occurred today, which would make that the aforementioned pine forest you are looking at in the photo.

In that blogging I also mentioned and photo documented a yard sign which I speculated may have been the work of sign vandals, and said I would check on that sign when next I walked by to see if the yard owner had de-vandalized the sign.

Well, on the walk by today I think I can now conclude that the sign is not the act of a vandal, but is the intended, sloppy, message of the yard owner.

Because the yard owner is still advising passers by to vote for Anybody BUT HILLARY.

I don't think this yard owner is one of the Deplorables because those of that ilk tend to call alter our next president's name to Killary, imaginative wits that they be.

Changing the subject from Hillary to something else.

Tomorrow I am going to be in the Heart of Darkness, also known as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Due to registering to vote going awry at my new location, I will be voting where I am still registered at my former location.

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow in D/FW. It should be exhausting. I enjoy being exhausted....

Monday, October 24, 2016

Walking Miles On My Neighborhood Sidewalks Past Disturbing Signs

Yesterday, Sunday, I had myself a mighty fine time on a mighty long walk around my neighborhood.

The City of Wichita Falls has so many amenities not available in the Texas town I lived in previously.

Like sidewalks.

Wichita Falls is like other modern American towns, with sidewalks on both sides of the street, with a landscaped buffer between the street and sidewalk.

I now have miles of this type modern amenity accessed as soon as I close the exit door on my abode.

In the first of the street scenes documenting a Texas town with sidewalks the scene is a bit tainted due to a Trump/Spence sign being in view.

Then a few minutes later I saw a different sign on a different street.

Texans for Clinton/Kaine.

Note the trees shading the sidewalk. Lots of big trees of various types, including one house which pretty much has a pine forest in its front yard. I must remember to take a picture of that one when next I walk by.

The last house I saw, as I exited Haiti Street to walk the Circle Trail back to my abode, had the disturbing homemade sign you see below stuck in its yard.


I imagine a lot of thoughtful thought went into making this sign. Was there a Hillary sign underneath which someone has defaced with the makeshift "Anybody BUT" message? And the yard owner has not yet noticed their sign has been defaced?

 Maybe I'll walk by this sign again tomorrow and see if it has changed for the better....

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Critical Look At Spencer Jack's Grandma's Big Lake

What you are looking at is a photo taken yesterday at a location in my old home zone.

The body of water you see here is known as Big Lake.

Big Lake really is not very big. I have never known why Big Lake is so named, unless it is because Big Lake is so much bigger than nearby Clear Lake.

Big Lake is located a couple miles east of the Mount Vernon location I lived in prior to my exile in Texas.

Spencer Jack's Grandma, my Favorite Ex-Sister-In-Law, Cindy, is home based at Big Lake.

Texas has no natural lakes. Washington has countless such lakes. I don't know why Texas has no natural lakes. Big Lake is a natural lake. No dam is involved in its creation.

When I saw the above photo I thought of an infamous Fort Worth photographer who makes hyper-realistic enhanced photos of various scenes in Fort Worth, Fort Worth locals, who have no clue as to how one can digitally enhance a photo, gush over this photographer's manufactured images.

I have long opined, regarding these manufactured photos, ever since the photographer got all bent out of shape because the Amon Carter Museum commissioned a photo documentary by a legit photographer, depicting realistic, honest images of Fort Worth, that this particular Fort Worth photographer was doing Fort Worth a great disservice, misrepresenting Fort Worth, showing a version which does not exist.

I have also wondered what this particular photographer would do if he was in a location where the photos did not need digital manipulation to look beautiful. You know, towns like New York City, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, well you get the drift. Or scenic wonders like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Hawaii, Mount Rainier, well, again, you get the drift.

Or Big Lake.

Just take an ordinary camera and aim it at Big Lake and if the light is right you get that which you see above. An honest photo reflecting a beautiful reality....

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elsie Hotpepper Takes Me To A TRV Boondoggle Encore

A couple days ago Elsie Hotpepper sent me a link to some fresh propaganda from The Boondoggle on the TRVA's (Trinity River Vision Authority) website, with the propaganda titled New 300-Unit Riverwalk Apartment Community Announced for Panther Island.

I read the article and thought to myself, "When will this madness ever end?" and then proceeded to forget about it til now

Three paragraphs from the Riverwalk Apartment article, apartments which you can see via the above artist's rendering, which were named  Encore Panther Island, at the time the artist did his rendering, with that name likely to change several times before ground is broken, if ground is ever broken, which is The Boondoggle's naming modus operandi.

The three paragraphs....

LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas-based Encore Enterprises, Inc., is officially under contract to break ground on the first private development on Panther Island. The thoughtfully designed 233,198 square-foot multi-family community will feature creative solutions to connect the streetscape to the Riverwalk environment planned for the district. Residents will be able to enjoy exceptional amenities including waterfront balconies, an infinity pool with cascading waterfalls, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and a top floor lounge that will feature the most dynamic views of downtown. Located at the intersection of 4th Street and North Main Street, residents at the 300-unit community will be walking distance to Panther Island Brewing, Coyote Drive-In and Panther Island Pavilion. 

This community will be the first development to break ground within the Panther Island District – a vibrant waterfront mixed-use development located in the heart of Fort Worth. The more than 10,000 residences planned and 12 miles of active urban waterfront - including flowing canals and corridors that create uniquely-walkable spaces – will give rise to new businesses, trendy restaurants and a booming nightlife.

Construction for Encore Panther Island is slated to begin Summer 2017. Encore Multi-Family anticipates a grand opening date of Summer 2018.

Sounds good, doesn't it. Operative word. "Sounds".

A couple weeks ago there was another choice piece of propaganda from The Boondoggle. I blogged about that propaganda in Rerouting Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Propaganda To The Truth.

A paragraph from that propaganda piece which is germane to this latest propaganda from The Boondoggle....

“Frankly, looking back, I don’t think it could have been done any other way,” J.D. Granger says. “We could have done it faster and cheaper, but the project would not be as good as it is today.” The majority of the infrastructure work should be completed by 2023, if all goes according to plan. “We couldn’t speed up the process, even if we wanted,” he says.

I love that line from  J.D. saying they couldn't speed up the process, even if they wanted to. Why couldn't they? I think the answer to that question is The Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, is one of the most ineptly engineered public works projects in the history of American civil engineering. Currently The Boondoggle has been stuck for over half a year with the construction of the only one of The Boondoggle's bridges under construction, being built over dry land to connect Fort Worth's mainland to an imaginary island.

J.D.'s slow motion process is not the item I am focused on it relation to this Encore Riverfront Panther Island Apartment deal. What I am focused on is J.D. saying the majority of infrastructure work should be completed by 2023.


Five years after the Encore Riverfront Panther Island Apartments are supposedly scheduled to be completed, the majority of the infrastructure should be completed, according to Granger.

The second paragraph in this article about the first private development, which "may" break ground on the imaginary Panther Island, touts 12 miles of active urban waterfront with flowing canals.

So, people moving into these Encore Panther Island Riverfront apartments in 2018 get to wait at least five years before they get to enjoy those flowing canals? That is if those flowing canals are part of the majority of the infrastructure which J.D. Granger says should be completed by 2023.

The Boondoggle's propaganda about its "developments" reminds me of an old Rockford Files episode. Rockford came upon a real estate development scheme somewhere near California's Salton Sea. At one point one of the potential buyers is being shown the property with the salesman touting the lake, the large lots, the beautiful clubhouse. All we see is bleak desert landscape.

Later Rockford's co-hort, Angel, is marveling at the audacity, convincing buyers to pay a premium price for a lot near the imaginary clubhouse with a premium view of the imaginary lake.

No mention was made in the episode of imaginary bridges connecting to an imaginary island in the imaginary lake....

No One Will Harvest Washington's Tootsie Tonasket's Vote

Yesterday I blogged about Washington's Betty Jo Bouvier Missing Old-Fashioned Texas Style Voting.

Betty had verbalized wonderment regarding the fact that Texas still had polling places where voters voted.

Washington has long gone to a polling place free method of voting.

Apparently, somehow, Washington has figured out how to manage mail in ballots without the fraud problems Texas is currently experiencing with a crime called Vote Harvesting.

I suspect Washington has enacted strong penalties of the felony nature for any sort of  Electoral Fraud, while in Texas one can commit outrageous Electoral Fraud, such as harvesting thousands of bogus absentee ballots to ensure the re-election of candidates paying for the Vote Harvesting Service, with doing so being considered a misdemeanor level crime.

You know, like jaywalking.

So, in Texas if you are desperate to maintain control of something like the Tarrant Region Water District Board, because losing control would likely mean a flood of corruption exposure and crony firings and the ending of nepotism, well you have a real strong motive to take advantage of that special Texas election advantage and pay a specialist to harvest you the absentee ballots you need to win.

I know, you reading this in modern democratic parts of America, this seems hard to believe, but it has been happening for multiple election cycles in Tarrant County, currently the focus of the biggest Electoral Fraud Investigation in Texas history.

Meanwhile up in the progressive, modern American state of Washington, yesterday Aunt Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket, found her 2016 General Election Ballot in her mailbox and took a photo of it to share on Facebook.

Aunt Alice can vote in the peaceful comfort of her home and then either stick the ballot back in her mailbox to mail, or drop it in the Tonasket town Ballot Box.

What a concept....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Washington's Betty Jo Bouvier Misses Old-Fashioned Texas Style Voting

Lately, problems with voting in Texas has made an appearance on the list of things wrong with Texas.

A few days ago I blogged about this Texas problem in Evidence Corrupt Tarrant County Political Machine Steals Elections.

On Monday, September 26 I mailed a Voters Registration Form to the Wichita Falls County Clerk. Weeks later I still had not received my Voter Registration Card.

This morning I emailed the Wichita Falls County Clerk, Lori Bohannon, asking if I am registered. Ms. Bohannon quickly got back to me with the news that no Voters Registration Form from me had been received.

I will be in Fort Worth next Wednesday. I have already checked to make sure I am still registered in Tarrant County, so I will be doing some early voting at my old voting location.

Changing the subject back to Tarrant County voting corruption, that being the harvesting of votes via absentee ballots.

This harvesting absentee ballot votes has perplexed since before I even knew it was a thing, way back in the last TRWD board election when the two incumbents won with a record vote number, with more than half the votes being absentee ballots.  The stench from that obvious corruption was so strong I figured immediate corrective action would be taken.

I figured wrong.

Ever since I have been in Texas I figure things wrong, usually due to seeing Texas through eyes which grew up in Washington.

I don't remember the last time I went to a polling place in Washington. I think I switched to permanent absentee ballot sometime in the early 1980s. Even then it was easy for a voter, any voter, to vote via absentee ballot.

Unlike Texas.

A couple days ago, after reading on my blog about the Texas voting scandal, Betty Jo Bouvier, resident of Sedro-Woolley, Washington, asked about voting in Texas with the following...

"Do they have actual voting locations in Texas?  We don't have that option anymore. I miss going to the polling place and seeing all our neighbors. It was kinda fun."

See how far Texas is behind a modern location in America? Washington voting is via mail in ballots. Or you can drop your ballot in a ballot drop box.

Now, how is Washington able to use such a method without the type fraud which in Texas has elected people, such as Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, and others, due to thousands of bogus absentee ballots voting for them?

I'm think it likely is not rocket science that explains how Washington figured out how to make mail in voting work. I suspect any sort of tampering is a serious crime. Not a simple little misdemeanor like it is in Texas.

Why is it so easy to register to vote in Washington? I only remember doing so once. I do not remember moving to a new Washington location being any issue requiring mailing in a form to get a new Voter Registration Card.

In Oregon one is automatically registered to vote when one reaches voting age. In Oregon you have to opt out of voting if you do not want to be sent a ballot.

Again, why is Texas so backward and difficult with something which is so simple in advanced, progressive modern American states?

Why is Texas so backward that something as malevolent as Vote Harvesting is apparently an accepted practice? Accepted, apparently, up til  now....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

After Final Debate Spencer Jack's Thumb Points Donald Trump Down Hillary Clinton Up

Spencer Jack has been intensely following the presidential election process for well over a year now.

Spencer Jack began the election undecided as to who he would vote for, if he could.

Last summer Spencer Jack attended a Donald Trump rally at the fairgrounds in Lynden, a  few miles south of the Canadian border.

Last week Spencer Jack attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Seattle, which is a few miles further south of the Canadian border.

By the time Spencer Jack met Hillary he had figured out something was not quite right with Donald Trump. Even so, as you can see above, Spencer Jack watched the final presidential debate whilst wearing the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN cap he got at the Lynden Trump rally.

As you can see, the debate was making Spencer Jack feel a bit nauseated.

Spencer was shocked at Trump's claim that Hillary wanted to rip a baby from a mom when it was time to be born. Spencer Jack's dad then had to try and explain that Donald Trump was talking total idiotic nonsense.

By the end of the final debate Spencer Jack visually indicated who he thought won.

Trump spewed a lot of inarticulate nonsense during the course of the debate. At one point Trump caused giggling when he claimed, yet again, that no one has more respect for women than Trump. Later in the debate the respecter of women said of Hillary, "Such a nasty woman."

This morning I came across someone who went to the bother of transcribing Trump's answer to the Chris Wallace question about Aleppo. Reading the mixed up gibberish is just as confusing and stupid sounding as hearing it come out  of Trump's mouth.

In its entirety, Trump's answer to the Aleppo question...

Well, Aleppo is a disaster. It's a humanitarian nightmare. But it has fallen from any standpoint. I mean, what do you need, a signed document? Take a look at Aleppo. It is so sad when you see what's happened. And a lot of this is because of Hillary Clinton. Because what has happened is by fighting Assad, who turned out to be a lot tougher than she thought, and now she is going to say, “Oh, he loves Assad.” He's just much tougher and much smarter than her and Obama. And everyone thought he was gone two years ago, three years ago. He aligned with Russia. He now also aligned with Iran, who we made very powerful. We gave them $150 billion back. We give them $1.7 billion in cash. I mean cash, bundles of cash as big as this stage. We gave them $1.7 billion.

Now they have aligned, he has aligned with Russia and with Iran. They don't want ISIS. But they have other things because we're backing, we're backing rebels. We don't know who the rebels are. We're giving them lots of money, lots of everything. We don't know who the rebels are. And when and if, and it's not going to happen because you have Russia and you have Iran now. But if they ever did overthrow Assad, you might end up as bad as Assad is, and he is a bad guy.

But you may very well end up with worse than Assad. If she did nothing, we'd be in much better shape. And this is what has caused the great migration where she has taken in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who probably in many cases, not probably, who are definitely in many cases ISIS-aligned. And we now have them in our country and wait until you see this is going to be the great Trojan horse.

And wait until you see what happens in the coming years. Lots of luck, Hillary. Thanks a lot for doing a great job.

How many bits of disinformation did Trump spew during the debate that scared children and child-like adults?

On bit of disinformation was Trump's Aleppo answer claim that thousands of bad ISIS-aligned Syrians are in America, constituting a Syrian Trojan Horse. This and the scary abortion rhetoric were among multiple other bits of alarmist, paranoid nonsense frightening children whose parents made the mistake of letting them listen to Trump's vile verbiage.

Verbiage frightening children and those aforementioned child-like adults.

Anyway, I hope Spencer Jack was eventually able to get to sleep last night and his nightmares of being chased by a creepy orange monster with a haystack on his head weren't too upsetting...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wichita Falls On High Alert For Incoming Rattlesnakes

This morning I saw this disturbing bit of news via the Wichita Falls Times News Record.

The City of Wichita Falls has issued a snake alert.

This is the first time I have found myself living in a town issuing a snake alert.

The warning warns to be particularly careful to be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.

Apparently an increase in the local rat population is the reason snakes have been moving to Wichita Falls.

I have yet to see a snake, rattle type or otherwise, since I have been in Wichita Falls.

I had numerous snake encounters during my years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Snakes of various unidentified types in Fort Worth's Gateway Park: copperheads, cottonmouths and others in Arlington's River Legacy Park and Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

My one and only rattlesnake encounter occurred in South Dallas on the Cedar Hills State Park mountain bike trail. It was a big one. I had been to the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Festival the weekend  prior, so I was well attuned to the distinctive sound of a rattlesnake rattling.

A few weeks ago someone mentioned to me that the rat population of Wichita Falls has increased.

I remember wondering if the town takes some sort of rat census to know such a thing.

I assume an increase in the rat population, if such has actually occurred, is due to the end of the drought and the increase of green foliage and other edibles.

I have not seen a rat, or, like I already said, a rattlesnake slithering about since I have been in Wichita Falls. I hope such continues to be the case....

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Evidence Corrupt Tarrant County Political Machine Steals Elections

Last night, along with Elsie Hotpepper and over 32,000 other people, some via live streaming video on Facebook, I watched the guy you see here, Aaron Harris, reveal shocking evidence he and his team of evidence seekers have uncovered of something most of us did not know was a thing.

Vote Harvesting.

Apparently Tarrant County has been victim of a world class election stealing operation operating pretty much on the organized crime model.

Someone, not yet identified, is the boss, as in Kingpin (or Queenpin) of this corrupt political machine. The boss has underlings who then oversee the gang of vote harvesters, who are just lackeys, likely not realizing they are part of a criminal conspiracy, just doing the vote harvesting to earn a buck or two.

Aaron Harris, and others, had their suspicions that something was not quite right with Tarrant County elections when the last Tarrant Regional Water District board election had results which defied common sense and logic, with over 10,000 absentee ballots, with those extra 10,000 votes giving the win to incumbents Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, with vote totals which far surpassed the previous record in a TRWD board election, that of legitimately elected board member, Mary Kelleher.

On May 10, 2015 I blogged about the fraudulent results of that TRWD board election in Tough Day For Democracy Transparency Fairness & Fighting Corruption In Texas.

At that point in time I thought the Election Fraud was so obvious that it would automatically trigger some sort of investigation.

I figured wrong.

It took Aaron Harris and his army of wrong righters to get the State of Texas, the FBI and the Justice Department to begin investigations into the systemic election corruption which permeates Tarrant County.

When I first got wind of the fact that something was finally going to be done about the Tarrant County Machine I blogged about it in Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

Comparing the Tarrant County Election Fraud Scheme to Watergate is very apropos.

The heart of the Watergate Scandal was summed up by the question "What did he know and when did he know it?"

The he in question was Richard Nixon. And the question was asking what did he know about the Watergate break-in and when did he know it ?

With the Tarrant County Political Machine Scandal I do not know who is in the Nixon role. I suspect whoever is in that role is in a position where that person will deny knowledge of the criminal conspiracy when the investigation finds its way to that person. Or persons.

Who gave the go ahead to harvest votes? Who benefited from the vote harvesting? And not just who benefited by getting elected, but who benefited in other ways, such as protecting their development scheme from blowing up by losing control of the Board which oversees their scheme.

Another Watergate element which is also very apropos is that advice which Deep Throat gave Woodward.

Follow the money.

Who paid to have the votes harvested? Who was the money then paid to? Where did the money come from?

Anyone have any idea who the Kingpin or Queenpin is of the Tarrant County Political Machine?

My guess is it is longtime TRWD board member, Marty Leonard.

Marty Leonard is deeply entrenched in the good ol' boy and girl network which runs Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way. Marty Leonard seems to be a sweet lady of vintage, coyly clutching her pearls. But beneath that benevolent exterior I suspect an Angela Channing Dragon Lady lurks.

Okay, maybe the Queenpin is not Marty Leonard, but it has to be somebody. Political machines do not run their criminal conspiracies without a leader....