Saturday, February 2, 2019

YouTubing Mary Kelleher Announcement Video

Last night a video showed up in my email. Nothing in the subject line. No message in the message area of the email. Just an attached video.

Due to a couple phone text messages earlier in the day I had reason to think this video might be showing up in my email. And that I might be converting this video into a YouTube video and then putting this video on a blog.

At that point in time I did not think that blog would be my blog, but this morning I figured why not put this YouTube video on my blog.

And so I did.

If you did not already know it, this video with the title of Mary Kelleher Announcement Video announces the fact that Mary Kelleher is in the running to take back her rightful seat on the Tarrant Region Water District Board.

Will Mary Kelleher win in a landslide like the first time she was elected to the TRWD Board?

This time current board members, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, are also on the ballot. The last time Jim Lane and Marty Leonard got themselves re-elected the shady vote total results resulted in being part of the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history.

Anyone have any clue what happened with that election fraud investigation? It sort of surprises me that Jim Lane and Marty Leonard are back on a TRWD Board election ballot.

But, such is just part of that which is known as The Fort Worth Way...

I won't be voting for Mary Kelleher this time. I also won't be voting for Jim Lane or Marty Leonard. Only voters living in a small slice of the area in which the Tarrant Region Water District operates are allowed to vote. This sort of odd version of gerrymandering may be yet one more subset of that notorious Fort Worth Way...

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