Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hot & Cold Drive To DFW With Possible Fort Worth Outhouse Invasion

What a delightful day my monthly drive to and back from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Zone has been, so far.

Temperature barely above freezing exiting Wichita Falls at 8 this morning. Dense drizzly clouds severely diminishing visibility.

Temperature above 60 on DFW arrival, and when exiting for the regularly scheduled restroom break prior to reaching the regular final destination.

That regularly scheduled restroom break takes place at a park called Whites Branch Park.

One comes to the entry to this park soon after Western Center Boulevard changes its name to Watauga Road.

I do not know why the name switches from the pretentious boulevard nomenclature to the more accurate road nomenclature.

When I think of a boulevard I think of a broad road, with multiple lanes, a landscaped median, landscaping on both sides of the boulevard, along with sidewalks. Such does not describe White Center Boulevard. Or Watauga Road.

But, calling it a road works.

Whites Branch Park I have long thought was in Haltom City. Not Watauga. Not in Fort Worth. I do not know why I thought Whites Branch Park is in Haltom City. It probably is in Haltom City, but today I had reason to wonder.

With that wondering caused by an outhouse of the Fort Worth city park signature type sitting on the parking lot near the restrooms which have previously been functional, and unlocked. Which is what you see photo documented above.

I do not make use of outhouses when I am in an urban modern American location. And so it was on to Fuel City, which is for certain in Haltom City and which has no outhouses but does have modern facilities. And tacos.

So, with that unseemly outhouse stuck on a park's parking lot, is it the sad reality that Whites Branch Park is actually in Fort Worth? Maybe Fort Worth made one of its storied annexing moves and took over this park, thus its diminished quality.


The drive back to Wichita Falls started with the temperature being near 70 when exiting WinCo. And then when I stopped to get gas in Decatur, an hour, and 30 miles north, later, the temperature had dropped to 36. With wind and drizzle.

A few dozen miles more, somewhere northwest of Bowie, the temperature dropped below freezing. The windshield wipers soon began having sweeping woes due to ice freezing on the windshield. Switching the interior heat higher and in defrost mode soon somewhat abated that windshield wiper woe.

A few miles from Wichita Falls the temperature dropped to 29. And road signs warned of "Ice Removal Equipment Ahead". Or some such thing. I never saw any ice getting removed by any equipment by the time I parked under my ice-free carport roof.

And, one more thing.

I was non-plussed when I realized I would be away from a TV whilst Michael Cohen testified today. I did read his opening statement before departing.

I tried to get the hearing on the radio, but I only found one station which seemed to be covering it, and that was a hate speech radio station, with the hate speecher being a right wing nut job idiot from the town I used to live in. Mount Vernon, Washington. Glenn Beck. I thought he had been taken off the air due to mental health issues.

I got a couple phone calls from west coasters whilst in DFW today. Both were surprised I was not in front of a TV watching the spectacle. Both thought Cohen came across credible, that the Republicans were embarrassing themselves. And that hopefully this marks the point when finally Trump is toast. I suspect that hope is in vain. I also hope I am wrong...

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