Saturday, February 9, 2019

Puget Sound Snow Apocalypse Hits Tacoma & Mount Vernon As Predicted

Last night whilst talking to Linda Lou I was informed snow was falling so copiously in Linda Lou's vicinity she could no longer see Little Mountain, that being the little mountain which hovers southeast over Linda Lou's Hillcrest neighborhood in Mount Vernon.

Linda Lou's Mount Vernon abode is a short distance from Spencer Jack's Mount Vernon abode. I did not receive a snow update from Spencer Jack this morning.

But I did receive a snow update from Spencer Jack's cousins, David, Theo and Ruby.

That would be that aforementioned trio standing on M Street in front of their Tacoma abode that you are looking at above.

And that which you are seeing below is the backyard of David, Theo and Ruby's Tacoma abode, currently with an extremely white color scheme.

My most recent successful barbecuing operation took place on the above deck, via the BBQ appliance you see on the far lower left, way back in the summer of 2008. My most recent barbecuing operation was a failure, a few months ago, in Arizona. I had flame issues.

Seeing all this snow in my old home zone reminded me of a similar snow event, back at some point in the 1990s. I do not remember the specific year. I do remember the snow fell in an amount I had not previously witnessed in the lowlands of the Puget Sound.

Up north, in Whatcom County, that being the county north of Skagit County, abutting Canada and influenced by a different weather pattern, well, just a few miles north, such as the 40 miles to Lynden in Whatcom County, which is also lowland country, but out of the warming influence of Puget Sound, snow could pile up in HUGE drifts, something I eye witnessed many times of the years, going back as far as my memory goes.

But, that Skagit County snow in the 1990s was something I had not experienced before in the area known as Puget Sound's banana belt. I was snowbound for about a week. My cul-de-sac, and the other hills in the neighborhood became a sledding, skiing mecca, way into the night, benefit of bright street lighting.

The snowy photo of David, Theo and Ruby's backyard sent me searching for photos I knew were somewhere on this computer of my Mount Vernon Thunderbird Pawnee snow covered backyard patio. Well, actually there was no backyard of the grassy yard sort. Just a big deck and a lot of trees.

That is a picnic table sitting atop a deck you see covered with snow. You can not tell it because of the pile of snow, but the deck has three levels, all obliterated in white.

And now we are looking at the Pawnee Lane front of the house, above the carport patio. Part of this patio was covered with skylights, but snow still drifted in, covering the BBQ, which is under one of those lumps of white.

I do not miss this type winter event. Such quickly grows old. I remember when the big thaw came it resulted in several of my drainpipes breaking loose, along with ice clogged drains making it difficult for the flat roofs to drain the melting snow.

I suspect I will be receiving more snow documentation from Washington as this frigid next week continues to shiver...

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