Monday, February 4, 2019

Spencer Jack Monitoring Western Washington's First Snowstorm Of 2019: UPDATED

Incoming phone text message yesterday, pre-Super Bowl, from my great nephew Spencer Jack and his dad, my just plain ol' regular nephew, Jason.

Message in text---

Spencer Jack and I are waiting for snow to accumulate. We are in the midst of the largest Pacific Northwest Puget Sound zone snow event of 2019.

The photo you see here came in along with the incoming text message.

Apparently Spencer Jack installed a snow gauge in order to measure the snow accumulation.

Spencer Jack and his dad were not the only Mount Vernonites from whom I saw photo documentation of this incoming blizzard. Spencer Jack and his dad's neighbor, Linda Lou, also photo documented a similar snow accumulation in her backyard.

This morning I read in various Washington online news sources that some schools were in delayed opening mode due to this rare snow dusting.

Texans who think they are weather babies when winter deals a cold slippery blow, well, Texans handle such much better than Western Washingtonians, at least that has been my experience. Western Washingtonians are bigger weather babies than Texans.

I never would have believe such could be the case, but my locations in North Texas since my arrival have seen harsher, colder winters than I was used to during all the years I spent on the west coast.

I never experienced an Ice Storm til I found myself slipping on one in Texas. With my first Ice Storm causing unwanted slipping and sliding happening two weeks after I arrived in Texas. This was sort of shocking. I have lost count of how many Ice Storms I have slipped on since.

I have experienced deeper snow accumulating a time or two in the lowlands of Washington, but, I have experienced almost as deep a piling of snow in Texas.

The biggest difference, winter-wise, between winter in Texas and winter in Washington is in Washington while a winter may come and go with no snow in the Puget Sound lowlands, all one has to do if one wants to go sliding on snow is drive a few miles to the east and you find yourself in a winter wonderland of white. In Texas there is no such option.

I have not heard if Spencer Jack's school was cancelled this morning. I suspect not.

I may see Spencer Jack next month. He is trying to convince his dad to fly with him south to Arizona to see his grandpa, great-grandma, and his favorite aunt Jackie and uncle Jack, along with cousins Christopher and Jeremy.

That and to hike to the summit of Camelback Mountain with his favorite uncle...

 New text message and snow photo from Spencer Jack and Jason---

UPDATE: Our backyard snow gauge was poorly engineered. Spencer's school has been cancelled and we shall install a different snow gauge today.The Monday morning backyards snow gauge view...

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