Friday, February 8, 2019

Tacoma Flu Free Snow With David, Theo & Ruby

Yesterday I emailed asking if David, Theo and Ruby had taken their parental units to Seattle over the weekend to join the thousands of Puget Sounders walking through the new Highway 99 tunnel, along with one last walk on the Alaskan Viaduct.

I opined that I assumed a tunnel walk through had not taken place, because I had received no photo documentation of such.

Soon thereafter I received a reply from one of David, Theo and Ruby's maternal parental units, stationed at the time in Olympia, telling me that no tunnel walk through by David and the twins had happened, due to the twin's time being taken up working on recovering from a bad bout of the flu, with Theo's flu bout made worse with Strep Throat.

David, Theo and Ruby had been shot with this year's flu vaccine, and then, apparently, managed to find a flu strain not stopped by this year's vaccine.

In the initial reply to the tunnel inquiry I was told some snow photo documentation would be forth coming.

A short time later that photo documentation came forth, as promised.

Above is one of those photos, a time tunnel compilation photo showing David, Theo and Ruby on a sled several winters ago, next to a photo I am assuming was taken during the current bout of Tacoma and the rest of the lowlands of Western Washington being colored white.

And below is video documenting, I assume, Theo and Ruby back healthy enough to sled down a hill with big brother David...

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