Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Walking Past Dry Wichita Falls I Learned How To Stop Aging

This morning I woke up with a bit of a hitch in my get-along. Not a bad hitch, but a hitch nonetheless.

Around noon I opted to try and work out the kinks of my hitched get-along and get myself to Lucy Park to walk to what I figured was the still dry Wichita Falls.

Figured to be dry due to the copious amounts of rain which flooded the Wichita Falls zone on Saturday.

Soon upon arrival at Lucy Park it was obvious, due to a mud line left behind, that the Wichita River had risen high.

At some points the river had flooded over the Circle Trail.

When I go to the location of Wichita Falls, like I already said I thought it would be, it was dry. Since the last time I walked to dry Wichita Falls I have been told the falls gets turned off when the river runs high due to muddy water wreaking havoc with the pumps which cause the water to fall over the falls.

Critters which live near the falls seem to be adjusting to the lack of falling water. Such as the cute little guy you see below.

This green little reptile was sunbathing on the dry falls ground at the south side of the Circle Trail bridge which crosses the dry falls.

Continuing on past the currently dry falls I opted to walk the Circle Trail under the I-287 freeway. And continue on towards the MPEC (Multi Purpose Event Center).

Along the way I came upon a series of inspirational signage of the sort I have not been inspired by previously.

A few examples.

This sign told me that working out looked good on me. Seems sort of Orwellian to me. How did the sign know this?

From this sign I learned that exercise prevents the signs of aging. I sort of already knew that. I am something like 70 years old and only look around 40 years old, when I look in a mirror whilst not wearing my glasses.

So, this is why I am so smart. Exercise improves brain performance. I did not know this until today. Walking the Wichita Falls Circle Trail really is a learning experience.

So, that is why I am so skinny. More muscle mass burns more fat. I need to eat more.

I can not remember the last time I was sick. Apparently those who exercise get sick less often. Does having a hitch in ones get-along count as being sick?

Work outs can improve the look of ones skin? Does going on a long walk count as a work out? Months ago Fort Worth's Miss Julie commented that judging from my skin I must be part dolphin. I was not sure what this meant but decided to think this was a good thing to have skin which looked dolphin-like.

This inspirational signage all took place in a distance which was likely less than a tenth of a mile. I don't know how many people jogging  and biking by stop to take the time to get inspired.

One thing I noted today which was interesting to me. The Wichita River rose high on Saturday. When the river retreated it did not leave a deposit of litter in its wake. All I saw today was one styrofoam container stranded in mud, mud which kept me from rescuing it.

When  the Trinity River runs high through Fort Worth the tons of litter left behind when the river retreats is a spectacle to behold.

I must go get some more exercise now that I have learned there are specific benefits from engaging in such behavior...

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