Saturday, September 24, 2016

Waking Up To Shocking Cascade Mall Burlington Washington Shooting Murders

Not long after I was vertical this morning I learned something bad had happened in my old home zone of Washington.

The initial info came from Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew Jason, via a photo sent to my phone.

On the phone the text in the image is small, I could not make out what the text said til I downloaded the image.

By then I had already been going through my usual morning ritual of checking in on news, online.

I always check local news first. The Wichita Falls News Record made no mention of anything bad happening in Washington.

The next news source I check in on is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, always hoping to read about the current status of that town's three little bridges being built over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island, and other possible news, such as if J.D. Granger has been indicted yet, that type news.

Well, it was via the Star-Telegram I first learned there had been fatal shootings at a Washington mall. At that point in time I opened what Jason had sent me and learned the mall in question is the Cascade Mall, located in my old small hometown of Burlington, population around 9,000, swelling to thousands more, daily, due to the town being a regional shopping mecca.

Below is the blurb regarding the Washington shootings from the Star-Telegram front page.

Next I go to the Seattle Times, where I learn the death toll is now 5, and that the shooter is on the loose.

Next I go to Fox News online, where I see a photo of the alleged shooter, and learn it is 4 women and one man who were murdered.

Foxtards commenting object to the shooter being identified as Hispanic, Because many are sure he looks to be a Radical Islamic Terrorist.

Each of my morning news sources, except the Wichita Falls one and the Star-Telegram, had this news as being the top headline, including CNN, below.

I must say it was a bit unsettling this morning to see my old hometown being the victim of this type modern era nightmare.

And then it was on to Facebook, where the first thing I saw was this from one of my favorite old high school friend's first husband Martin, who lives near the Cascade Mall, with his current wife, Janice.

And finally, also on Facebook, a message from my cousin Scott, currently residing in Cannon Beach, Oregon, who often visited the old home zone in Burlington.

It has turned into a cliche to say this type thing is happening way too often. But, it sure is. Just a couple weeks ago it was helicopters overhead and sirens wailing in my current neighborhood after two girls were shot, one killed, by some fool acting on his demons.

I suspect Burlington and the Skagit Valley will be on edge until this shooting perpetrator is caught.

Spencer Jack is growing up in a totally different Skagit Valley than the one in which I grew up....


Anonymous said...

JD Granger will speak at the Urban Land Institute's Fall meeting in Dallas.

Dallas, Texas
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Fort Worth: A River Runs through It

03:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Hear development visionaries talk about the iconic projects that are creating a sustainable, walkable, and navigable corridor that is connecting Fort Worth via the Trinity River.

Steve A said...

How did anybody conclude the shooter was Hispanic?

Durango said...

Steve A----I dunno where the shooter was Hispanic misinformation came from, originally. I first read that via the Fox News online source, and you know how credible that is. When I first saw the photos of the shooter from the security camera footage I did not get how the Hispanic conclusion came from that. And now it turns out the shooter was of Turkish origin, which I guess makes him Middle Eastern. I think there is going to be a lot more to this story as it unfolds and facts become known.

Steve A said...

Anybody who knows certainly who "..looks to be a Radical Islamic Terrorist" ought to step forward since they would make "extreme vetting" quick and simple. What's more, if they err in either direction, the trial lawyers will have a face to pursue.