Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Tuesday Of September Atop Grassy Knoll Contemplating Perplexing

Approximately a tenth of a mile from my abode is the fishing pond you see here.

As you can see the weather predictor's predicted return of blue sky has arrived.

That blue sky is reflecting off the fish pond creating the illusion that the pond is a different  color than it actually is. As in recent deluges have colored the water a deep shade of muddy brown.

Have I mentioned previously brown is my favorite color? My new abode is colored in multiple shades of my favorite color, with the carpet almost matching the color of the fish pond's deep shade of muddy brown.

You can not tell it by looking at the above picture, but in that picture I am sitting in the gazebo which sits atop the grassy knoll which overlooks the fish pond.

This is a very peaceful location. Perfect for contemplating various perplexations which have been perplexing me, none of which did the contemplating bring about any resolution to that which is perplexing.

Suffice to say that which perplexes me is a subject I have mentioned being perplexed by previously.

Changing the subject from being perplexed to something that is not perplexing.

Tomorrow's regularly scheduled monthly return to the Dallas zone has been cancelled. A bid opening schedule conflict is the cause of the cancellation.

Among multiple other things I hoped to do in the Dallas zone, I was hoping to go to Arlington to the Saigon Cho Market to stock up on ginge. I go through a lot of ginger due to my ginger tea addiction. Ginger tea is known as a tonic to those of us of the Asian persuasion. Saigon Cho Market is also my source for Kimchee ingredients, but I am well stocked with those, so my Kimchee addiction is in not danger of withdrawal.

Did you know that in recent years South Korea suffered a national crisis due to a shortage of Napa Cabbage, which is a key Kimchee ingredient? Many South Koreans believe consuming Kimchee is the key to that country's robust productivity. Just Google "south korean napa cabbage crisis" and you will find multiple articles about this serious South Korean Kimchee crisis.

One of the things which was perplexing me today was what to have for lunch. That has now been resolved with the menu consisting of the aforementioned Kimchee, oven barbecued chicken, Yukon Gold spud salad and Jicama sticks.

Jicama sticks are another popular item with those of us of the Asian persuasion....


Steve A said...

Isn't ginger tea available in Wichita Falls?

Durango said...

Steve A---
I grate fresh ginger to make ginger tea. I don't make it from pre-made ginger teabags. I get fresh ginger of high quality at Saigon Cho Market in Arlington for 69 cents a pound. Walmart here in Wichita Falls has fresh ginger of lesser quality for $3.89 a pound.