Monday, April 30, 2012

Tandy Hills Hot Humid Hiking With Smoked Turkey Legs

Wildflowers On Top Of Mount Tandy
The biggest patch of very colorful wildflowers that I have seen this year on the Tandy Hills is on the top of Mount Tandy, to the east of the Fort Worth Space Needle.

Getting technical about it, with getting technical not one of my few fortes, I don't know for sure if the area east of the Fort Worth Space Needle is considered one of the Tandy Hills. It may be part of the Broadcast Hills.

I am almost 100% that the area to the east of the Fort Worth Space Needle is not part of the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

The Tandy Hills hill hiking was humid today. Very humid. A steady breeze brought some relief from the muggy humidity.

Changing the subject from the Tandy Hills, and humidity, to turkey legs.

I got around to picking up the current ink edition of on my way back from the Tandy Hills.

On the cover is a giant turkey leg.

The one person who reads my blog may remember that last month when I was in Arizona we spent a lot of time hunting for illusive turkey legs. When we found enough turkey legs my dad smoked them in a smoker.

My mom was not happy with the turkey legs after they got smoked.

I have not read  yet, but I think I need to mail the ink edition to my mom and dad due to the fact that on the cover there is a giant smoked turkey leg with text saying Bird is the Word, Plus: How to smoke your own giant turkey legs at home.

I'd email mom and dad the link to so they could read how to smoke a turkey leg  on their computer screen, but I think the snail mailed ink edition would have a better chance of being seen.

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