Friday, February 5, 2021

My First Bike Ride Of 2021 Went Well After Fixing A Slime Issue


Today, on this first Friday of the 2021 version of February, for the first time this new year, I rolled my bike's wheels. 

I don't know why I've had such a long drought bike riding-wise. I suppose cold weather lessens the appeal.

It had been such a long time since I've paid any attention to my bike I did not realize til this morning that the tires were in need of some fresh air being pumped into the tubes.

That turned quickly problematic when I could not get the pump to work on the front tire valve.

The front tire tube was a Slime enabled one. As in it was a Slime tube with the Slime stop a leak product already in the tube. Eventually after a lot of frustration I figured out that the Slime had sealed the valve, rendering it unable to accept any fresh air.

And so I found myself in replace the inner tube mode. Something I had not done in several years. A quick trek to Walmart acquired a new tube.

And then back in my bike repair room the fun adventure of getting a new tube on a wheel began. 

An hour later the wheel was back on the bike with its new tube ready to roll.

However, it was then lunch time. 

A bike ride waited until 4 in the afternoon. I rode north on the Circle Trail, stopping at Hamilton Park to take the photo you see above. That is a new water feature under construction. It should be done by summer. Several fountains will squirt water on kids in need of cooling. I think this will be a popular attraction.

Today's may be the last bike ride for awhile. I may get in another one tomorrow. Maybe.

A cold front is blowing in in a day or two or three, with temperatures scheduled to plummet to way below freezing. As in 12 degrees. I do not like the sound of that...

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