Monday, July 27, 2020

Rolling My Bike To See The Great Wheel Of Wichita Falls

It had been a day or two or three since my bike has rolled me anywhere, til today.

A cold front has lowered the temperature into the low 90s during the time of day I usually do my wheel rolling. The humidity makes the temperature feel hotter, as in over 100, but that is still much more pleasant than the actual temperature being over 100 with the humidity having it feel like 115, or hotter.

I took the photo you see here when I stopped for my first water break. On this particular bike ride that first water break takes place on the east side of Sikes Lake, under the shade of a tree.

From that drinking location, looking west across the lake, I could see the recently erected Great Wheel of Wichita Falls wheeling above the treeline horizon.

This recently erected Great Wheel of Wichita Falls is the Ferris Wheel part of a carnival which is currently taking up space on the parking lot of this town's one and only mall, called Sikes Senter.

When I first saw the name of this mall I pondered what it must be like to think spelling Center with an 'S', so as to alliteratively ally with Sikes, was a clever idea, and that whoever had that clever idea was able to convince others to go along with that clever idea.

As for the carnival on the Sikes Senter parking lot. I have no idea as to why it is there. Back in my old home zone of Burlington the carnival would arrive annually in town for the Berry-Dairy Days celebration. And after Berry-Dairy Days was over the carnival would pack up and move about 5 miles east to Sedro-Woolley for that town's annual Loggerodeo celebration.

But, I have no clue why this carnival is currently on the Sikes Senter parking lot. Since I have been in town the carnival has shown up at this location every year. I've never seen many people riding the rides.

And with our current mask wearing times it somehow seems like it might not be a great idea to take the kiddies to a carnival. Even though I'm sure there is plenty of sanitizing going on...

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