Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mountain Biking River Legacy Park Thinking About Captain Andy's Fort Worth Bridge Revelations

Yesterday, if I remember correctly, I mentioned that if my hands were not rendered sore by yesterday's first bike ride in almost two years, that today I would likely find myself pedaling my wheels in Arlington's River Legacy Park.

And so I did.

Those are my handlebars aimed at the River Legacy Park Mountain Bike Trail Information sign. You can sort of see, via the map, the amazing maze of trails, which over time had become my favorite in the D/FW zone.

The drive from Wichita Falls to the D/FW Metro Mess seemed to go way quicker than has been the norm, what with my recent bouts of extremely long driving bouts, including Saturday's, which was somewhere around 800 miles before I decided to give it a rest somewhere west of Abilene.

Today being back in the D/FW zone after, so soon being in the Phoenix zone for a couple weeks, I was immediately struck by how incredibly shabby much of the D/FW zone looks. The lack of landscaping and sidewalks is appalling. Do not enough D/FW  locals lay their eyes on more, well, uh, modern locations in America, to realize how, well, third worldly much of their world looks?

A couple days ago I was driving Miss Daisy, also known as my mom, in a new developing area of the Phoenix suburb of Chandler. I made mention of the fact that the roads, landscaping and sidewalks were already installed, ahead of the incoming development. My mom, whose vision renders the world difficult to see, sees how things get done in her location, and said this is how they build things here.

"Infrastructure first."

My semi-blind mom sees the world more clearly than most Texans.

As witness my exit from D/FW last month when I was stuck in a traffic nightmare largely caused by the inept, incompetent, irresponsible out of control development in North Fort Worth, where malls, and housing developments have been built before adequately roads were built. Let alone sidewalks. Or landscaping.

How does one part of America become so backward when other parts of America are not?

I have been a bit overwhelmed of late. So, I have not gotten around to blogging about the latest iteration of America's Biggest Boondoggle's bridge fiasco. You know, those bridges of dubious design intended to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

Part of what is known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, overseen by Congresswoman Kay Granger's inept son who has overseen an ongoing embarrassment which would be a HUGE embarrassment in a normal location in America. But is just, apparently, the Fort Worth Way of operating.

I think it was on Sunday, maybe Monday, Captain Andy sent me multiple photos documenting the current state of the TRCCUPID Vision's bridge boondoggle. Elsie  Hotpepper pointed me to an amazingly embarrassing article which contained some of the stupidest J.D. Granger quotes yet.

But, I have not found the time to blog about this and share Captain Andy's photos. Maybe I will do this tomorrow....

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