Friday, October 28, 2016

You Know You Are Back In Fort Worth When....

On Wednesday I was in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro zone for the first time in a couple months.

The night before making the long trek to D/FW I wrote a blogging and set it to auto-publish at 10 Wednesday morning.

At some point in time after that someone with the extremely unique name of Anonymous posted a comment which struck me as amusing due to title of the article to which the comment had a link.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Does Fort Worth Star-Telegram Not Recommend Rejecting Trinity River Vision's Bad Plan?":

You know you're from Fort Worth when...

Now, the reason I found the "You know you're from For Worth when...." title amusing is because when I was in Fort Worth I drove into Quanah Parker Park and saw what you see below.

When I saw the above I remarked, "Well, you know you're back in Fort Worth when you see an outhouse in a park". This particular Quanah Parker Park outhouse seems badly placed, even for the Fort Worth norm of badly placed outhouses.

I have been in Wichita Falls now for nearly six months. I have yet to see a single outhouse in a Wichita Falls Park. The Wichita Falls parks have modern facilities, including running water with drinking faucets. What a concept.

Quanah Parker Park does have one feature that most Fort Worth parks do not have. That being running water in the form of a drinking faucet.

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