Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Does Fort Worth Star-Telegram Not Recommend Rejecting Trinity River Vision's Bad Plan?

This blogging appears to be a twofer of our ongoing theme of things I read in west coast newspapers, online, which I would never expect to read in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about anything happening in the Fort Worth Tarrant County zone.

Both these instances were in the Seattle Times.

Can you imagine a headline in the Star-Telegram telling readers that the Fort Worth skyline is tops in construction cranes? Overtaking New York City as the city with the most construction rigs transforming its urban landscape.

Well, to be fair, and I am always fair, Fort Worth does have those V Piers stuck in the ground, currently awaiting construction to continue after over a half year delay due to design errors. No other town in America has V Piers stuck in the ground awaiting an engineering solution. Plus being the only town in America, and likely the world,  building bridges over dry land to connect a town's mainland to an imaginary island.

Fort Worth is special.

And then there was this item I would not expect to ever see in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about something similar happening in Fort Worth or Tarrant County.

The Seattle Times is recommending voters reject the Sound Transit 3 plan. A $54 billion ballot issue.

The Seattle Times is recommending the transit planners come back with a better plan, next election.

First off, can you imagine the voters of Fort Worth, or Tarrant County, getting to vote on a proposal of such scope with such a price tag?

Fort Worth voters were not even allowed to vote on what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, struggling along for most of this century due to not being funded in the way normal public works are funded.

And that Fort Worth public works project is relatively puny, price-wise.

The Star-Telegram did not get the opportunity to advise its readers not to vote for the Trinity River Vision, because that plan to drastically alter the landscape of Fort Worth has never been presented to the Fort Worth voters.

Such is the way it is when people do not live in a real democracy, even whilst living in America, but instead settle for a bizarre form of dictatorship, known locally, by most, as The Fort Worth Way, currently under serious scrutiny due to outrageous election fraud.

Speaking of election fraud. I am in Fort Worth today, hoping to successfully vote.....


Anonymous said...

You know you're from Fort Worth when...

AndyN said...


Stan Telegram finally takes a swing on the delay and it's a miss. There ARE NO PIERS. What you see is a form for unpoured concrete.