Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walking Past My Neighborhood Pine Forest With Anybody But Hillary

Recently, maybe as recently as yesterday, I blogged about Walking Miles On My Neighborhood Sidewalks Past Disturbing Signs.

In that blogging I mentioned walking past a house which had a forest of pine trees in its front yard. I said the  next time I walked by I would take a picture of the pine forest.

That walk by occurred today, which would make that the aforementioned pine forest you are looking at in the photo.

In that blogging I also mentioned and photo documented a yard sign which I speculated may have been the work of sign vandals, and said I would check on that sign when next I walked by to see if the yard owner had de-vandalized the sign.

Well, on the walk by today I think I can now conclude that the sign is not the act of a vandal, but is the intended, sloppy, message of the yard owner.

Because the yard owner is still advising passers by to vote for Anybody BUT HILLARY.

I don't think this yard owner is one of the Deplorables because those of that ilk tend to call alter our next president's name to Killary, imaginative wits that they be.

Changing the subject from Hillary to something else.

Tomorrow I am going to be in the Heart of Darkness, also known as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Due to registering to vote going awry at my new location, I will be voting where I am still registered at my former location.

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow in D/FW. It should be exhausting. I enjoy being exhausted....

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Voter fraud?