Monday, October 24, 2016

Walking Miles On My Neighborhood Sidewalks Past Disturbing Signs

Yesterday, Sunday, I had myself a mighty fine time on a mighty long walk around my neighborhood.

The City of Wichita Falls has so many amenities not available in the Texas town I lived in previously.

Like sidewalks.

Wichita Falls is like other modern American towns, with sidewalks on both sides of the street, with a landscaped buffer between the street and sidewalk.

I now have miles of this type modern amenity accessed as soon as I close the exit door on my abode.

In the first of the street scenes documenting a Texas town with sidewalks the scene is a bit tainted due to a Trump/Spence sign being in view.

Then a few minutes later I saw a different sign on a different street.

Texans for Clinton/Kaine.

Note the trees shading the sidewalk. Lots of big trees of various types, including one house which pretty much has a pine forest in its front yard. I must remember to take a picture of that one when next I walk by.

The last house I saw, as I exited Haiti Street to walk the Circle Trail back to my abode, had the disturbing homemade sign you see below stuck in its yard.


I imagine a lot of thoughtful thought went into making this sign. Was there a Hillary sign underneath which someone has defaced with the makeshift "Anybody BUT" message? And the yard owner has not yet noticed their sign has been defaced?

 Maybe I'll walk by this sign again tomorrow and see if it has changed for the better....

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