Friday, September 16, 2016

Text From Linda Leads To Fidalgo Drive-In Root Beer Float

 This afternoon brought about one of those moments of wonder regarding electronic communicating in our modern world.

Thirty years ago that which we take for granted in 2016 would have been seen as science fiction fantasy if depicted in a 1986 movie.

So, this afternoon Linda R., other than my relatives, the person on the planet I have known longer than anyone else, texted me from Anacortes.

Anacortes is a town on Fidalgo Island in my old home state of Washington. Fidalgo Island is a real island, not a fake island like those Fort Worth promotes as such. Fidalgo Island is connected to the mainland by real tall bridges, which were built over actual water, and serve an actual purpose, unlike, well, anyone who has read this blog before can complete that sentence.

There are two impressive bridges, connected to Fidalgo Island, built over water. The Rainbow Bridge in LaConner and the Deception Pass Bridge, built in about a year, high over very fast moving water.

So, Linda R. texted me that she was at my favorite nephew's restaurant. That would be the Fidalgo Drive-In.

I have mentioned the Fidalgo Drive-In multiple times on this blog, and in a more detailed way on my Washington blog, in bloggings such as...

The Fidalgo Drive-In Has The Best Hamburger In Anacortes and Spencer Jack & Your Hometown Fidalgo Drive-In Family Restaurant in Anacortes Washington and Spencer Jack's Fidalgo Drive-In Hamburger Voted Best in Anacortes.

After Linda R. texted me that she was in my favorite nephew Jason's restaurant I texted Jason and asked him to go say hello to Linda. I then texted Linda telling her I had texted Jason telling him to go say hello to her. Linda then texted me that she was outside at a table on the patio. I then texted Jason to tell him Linda's location. Linda then texted me that she was ready to leave. I then texted Jason that Linda was leaving.

Shortly thereafter I texted my sister, Jackie, who I knew had been in Washington for a month or so, taking a break from the Arizona heat. Sister Jackie is the mama of my favorite nephews, Christopher and Jeremy, aka CJ and JR. I asked Jackie if she'd been to Jason's restaurant on this visit north.

I hit the send message button on the text to Jackie when the incoming text message noise came on at the same time. It was a text from Jason saying he was sorry he missed Linda, but that Jackie and Ginger had been in for lunch today.

A short time later Jackie texted me, with the photo attached you see at the top, of Jackie and one of Spencer Jack's Fidalgo Drive-In root beer floats.

See what I mean about the futuristic nature of our modern communication world?

Shortly after I heard from Jason, Linda texted me again with the photo you see below.

With the message in the text telling me Maxwell is enjoying leaning out the window on the way to Washington Park.

Washington Park was one of my favorite hiking locations whilst I lived in the area.

And now, another text message, this one from Jackie. I'd asked both Linda and Jackie how the food was at Jason's restaurant. Linda told me she had the fish and chips and it was excellent.

Jackie's latest message told me she and Ginger had dungeness crab sandwiches with root beer floats. I had already deduced the root beers floats from the photo at the top. Jackie says there is a cute picture of Spencer on the menu.

So, there you go, this is how electronic communicating in 2016 has me feeling totally connected to my old home zone two thousand miles distant, whilst I am at an isolated location, pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.....


Anonymous said...

Senate passed the TRV funding.

Durango said...

Anonymous---The TRV Funding still has to get passed by the House, where they may be a sufficient number of Republicans and Democrats who are aware this "project" is a mismanaged corrupt Boondoggle.