Monday, September 12, 2016

On Top Of Mount Wichita Learning Elsie Hotpepper Is Not In Los Angeles

I was back on the summit of Mount Wichita today, with the mountain totally dried out from the early Saturday deluge.

From the summit we are looking northeast at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Wichita Falls. I think that is a downtown, sort of tall building, you see on the horizon at the center of the photo.

Lately it seems whenever I get to the summit of Mount Wichita I get a text message from Elsie Hotpepper.

Today was no exception.

The last time I got an Elsie Hotpepper text message on the summit of Mount Wichita it was a cryptic message I have yet to decipher, telling me that Elsie did not like sauerkraut.

Today's summit of Mount Wichita text message from Elsie Hotpepper informed me that she was on her way back from Louisiana.

I thought the Hotpepper was in California, specifically in Los Angeles. Because I saw an Elsie Hotpepper post on Facebook which clearly indicated she was in LA.

I always forget that in Texas LA means Louisiana, not Los Angeles.

I have no idea why Elsie Hotpepper was in LA. I was kept out of that information loop. I suspect alligator hunting may have been involved.

Prior to learning which LA Elsie Hotpepper was in I learned from Miss Mary Not Contrary, also via Facebook, that East Fort Worth was shaken this morning by an earthquake.

When I learned of the Fort Worth quake I texted Miss Puerto Rico to ask if she felt the earth move. She had not.

This morning whilst still in prone position I felt some vibrating that had me wondering if it was from a distant quake. But, I later saw no news of such.

It's time for lunch now. No. I am not going to Nacho Mama's....

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