Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Extremely Tall Man Screaming Allah Akbar From Mount Wichita Summit

My new regimen of ginger tea, kimchee and kava kava seems to be working wonders.

For one thing my aching joints have pretty much ceased to ache. I do not know which part of the new regimen, or maybe all of it, accounts for the aching abatement.

And then there is the energy level.

I was already a little over the top in the being energetic department. I seem to have reached a  new level of over the top.

This morning, after swimming, whilst doing my regular yoga routine, Facebook kept making its notification noise. I found myself making multiple retorts to an ignorant right wing racist nut job who thinks that which she thinks and shares is not racist.

Being really stupid and racist have always seemed, to me, to go together, from what I have experienced.

Anyway, feeling way too energetic I rolled myself to Lake Wichita again, to do some mountain climbing on Mount Wichita.

Upon arrival at Mount Wichita I saw an extremely tall man at the summit, with his arms outstretched, as if reaching towards the sky.

Exiting my vehicle I could hear the man shouting Allah Akbar, followed by words which sounded Arabic, to my untrained ears.

I was wary of climbing the mountain with a man at the top seeming to be having some sort of religious experience.

So, I walked around the perimeter of Mount Wichita, figuring by the time I got to the southeast route to the summit the religious experience would be over and the screaming man would have made his descent.

I figured wrong.

He seemed to be pacing across the summit, keeping his eye on me as I continued to walk around the perimeter.

I suppose some of my wary sense of caution was due to the nearby shooting a couple days prior of a pair of young girls, with one of the girls dying, with the murderer caught and claiming Satan made him do it.

I suppose I was nervous as to what that man on top of Mount Wichita might be thinking Allah was telling him to do.

Or Satan.

When I completed my walk around the perimeter I went back to my vehicle for some needed hydration.

At that point the praying man was not to be seen at the top. It did not seem to me he had had time to descend on the trails I was looking at. That left only the trail on the southeast side from whence he may have descended.

I headed to the southeast trail to the summit with no sighting of the Allah worshipper en route. I do not see how he could have gotten past me. And no vehicles had left the parking lot. Where did he go? The only possible exit was skyward.

I decided to bravely make my way to the summit, via the southeast trail, nervous I would find the extremely tall man prone on the ground in the midst of some sort of tongue speaking ritual.

I got to the mountain top to find myself alone.

Did Allah ascend the extremely tall man to Heaven?

That really seems to me to be the only logical explanation for the disappearance of that extremely tall man in this crazy mixed up world we live in....

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