Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Escaping Republican Nonsense Walking With Lake Wichita Dam Ants

My head was hurting from an inane Facebook conversation with one of Tarrant County's leading Republican nonsense purveyors, whose last two retorts told me...

The Republican party nominated Trump to be on the ballot, yes. Most, though are only voting for him to stop Hillary, not because they really want him to be president.  I don't find objecting to Hillary to be particularly stupid, however, I agree that offering up Donald Trump as an alternative is.

Republican stupidity entered the conversation when I suggested something like most non-stupid people think Republicans are pretty stupid, most of the  time. These stupid remarks were in regards to Trump.

Anyway, needing a break from nonsense I drove to the Lake Wichita Dam Spillway to have myself a breezy HOT walk with waves.

When I reached the top of the dam, and Mount Wichita came into view, I saw laying on the ground what appeared to be a pile of blankets. And then the blankets moved. Turns out the person you see at the lower right was laying on the blankets.


I have no idea. It's HOT, like I already mentioned. The guy did not appear to be in sunbathing mode, was in long pants, shirt and cap. A recipe for over heating.

And the ground in this area has a lot of ants marching to and fro, up and down, back and forth. Busy little ants scurrying all over. On the paved trail. On the grass. Everywhere.

Including, I would assume, crawling all over the guy laying on the grass....

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