Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dock Rocking On Lake Wichita With Lightning

This second Wednesday, day before the Ides of September, last seven days of summer, is stormy at my current location in Texas, 15 miles south of the Red River border with Oklahoma.

With rain threatening to drip, I opted, for my daily walking constitutional, to roll my wheels the short distance to the east side of Lake Wichita to do some dam walking.

That is the Mount Wichita pseudo volcano you see to the west on the other side of the lake.

That bridge you see in the foreground, connected to a floating dock, has a sign attached warning that a maximum of only four people, or a total of 800 pounds is allowed on the bridge.

Methinks any random pick of four Texans is going to add up to more than 800 pounds. Texans are a beefy breed of American.

That bridge is a bit active when just one person, weighing less than 200 pounds, such as myself, walks across to the dock. Four people weighing, in total, around 800 pounds would likely make for a very adventurous crossing.

As I stood on the dock, enjoying the rocking motion, to the southwest, I saw a lightning strike, followed several seconds later by a loud thunder boom. With lightning striking and rain starting to drip it seemed like a good idea to cease with being outdoors, so I turned around and headed back from whence I came.

Above is the view from the Lake Wichita dock looking the opposite direction, as in east, at a section of the long earthen dam which holds back the water which make the Lake Wichita reservoir.

By the time I got back to my vehicle's interior the rain was starting to work itself up into downpour mode. But no more thunder booms have been heard, so far.

It is time for lunch now.

Turkey stroganoff, with kimchee and green beans...

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