Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chilly September 11 In Texas With Pepperoni & Tricycles

A chilly 58 degrees when I woke up my temperature monitoring device this morning.

Summer is fast falling away. Fall falls upon us in 11 days.


Today is September 11. How can it be 15 years since that awful morning? So much has happened since that day, much of it not good.

A short time prior to noon I decided to layer on the outer wear and drive the short distance to Sikes Lake to jog 1.1 miles on the Sikes Lake Trail.

By the time I got to Sikes Lake my vehicle's temperature monitoring device told me the temperature had warmed up to 73 degrees. So, I removed a few layers of outer wear and had myself a mighty fine time running around the lake.

I was soon greeted by a pair of ladies pedaling adult tricycles. I don't know if I remember seeing such before. The tricycles looked fun. But, I don't know how one would transport these devices to ones pedaling location.

The people I see out and about in Wichita Falls seem to me to be in much better shape than much of what I used to see at my previous Texas location.

Yesterday I discovered and joined a Wichita Falls Rant & Rave Facebook group. Does my previous location have a Fort Worth Rant & Rave Facebook group? If not, someone really needs to start one. There are a lot of things to rant about in Fort Worth. Not so much to rave about.

Time for lunch now. Pepperoni is involved....

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