Monday, December 7, 2015

Why Are The University of Washington Huskies In A Heart of Dallas Bowl?

I saw that which you see here this morning via the online version of the Seattle Times. The headline and that which appears below the headline confuse me.

Huskies to play Southern Miss in Heart of Dallas Bowl

The Huskies will make their sixth consecutive bowl appearance against Southern Miss on Dec. 26. The matchup at the Cotton Bowl is an intriguing one.

I don't pay all that much attention to football of any sort, but it sort of surprises me that I was unaware, that, apparently, the Huskies have made six bowl appearances against Southern Miss in a row.

I don't know why the current matchup is an intriguing one. Is it because the game is being played in the Cotton Bowl in a bowl game named the Heart of Dallas Bowl?

I thought the Cotton Bowl was played in the Cotton Bowl?

I remember the first time I visited Fair Park in Dallas and saw the Cotton Bowl. It was wide open so I was able to walk right out on to the field. I was surprised at how small and barebones the renowned Cotton Bowl was. I understand it has been much refurbished since I last walked on the field.

The last time I was at the Cotton Bowl was in January of 2009, with my mom and dad. Below is photo documentation, with mom and dad in their ubiquitous cowboy hats, mirrored behind them above the Cotton Bowl entry.

The Heart of Dallas Bowl takes place the day after Christmas. When does the storied Cotton Bowl take place?

And why are the UW Huskies playing in the Cotton Bowl in something called the Heart of Dallas Bowl? I asked a fellow former Pacific Northwesterner and the reply was that the Huskies are Bowl Sluts, that they will play in any bowl they get invited to.

I remember when it used to be a big deal when the UW Huskies played in a bowl game, way back when the only bowl game they could play in was the Rose Bowl, back when the Rose Bowl meant something and did not have goofy modifiers attached to its name, like the Cheesy Doritos Rose Bowl, or the In and Out Burger Rose Bowl.

So much seems to have gone so wrong in America, with this advertising attachments to Football Bowls just one more symptom.

How come the Heart of Dallas Bowl has no advertising modifier? Like the, I dunno, the Whataburger Heart of Dallas Bowl. Or the General Motors Heart of Dallas Bowl. Or some such other thing.

And why is this called the Heart of Dallas Bowl when the Cotton Bowl is a distance to the south and east of the Heart of Dallas?

One thing I know for absolute certainty, I will not be watching the UW Huskies win or lose the Heart of Dallas Bowl in the Cotton Bowl, in person, or on TV.....

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Steve A said...

"...fellow former Pacific Northwesterner and the reply was that the Huskies are Bowl Sluts..." - It's an open question if any WSU Alum could really be considered a Pacific Northwesterner. How did those Cougs do against the Huskies in the Apple Cup this year?