Sunday, December 30, 2012

Perplexed By A Photo From The Last Century While Getting Lost In My Closet

I  was rummaging through my closet today, trying to find thermal underwear, to no avail, when I came across the photo you see on the left.

The back of the photo indicates it was taken in September of 1997, a little over a year before my exile in Texas began.

From the left, back row, we have my brother, me, Spencer Jack's dad, my mom, my dad, big sister, middle sister and my favorite brother-in law.

From the left, front row, nephew CJ, Spencer Jack's uncle Joey, my little sister and my ex-wife, Spencer Jack's namesake.

Where was this picture taken? Beside it obviously being in Washington, obvious due to the big evergreen trees, whose house is this? I'm very perplexed.

And where is CJ's brother, my nephew JR?

When this picture was taken I believe my relatives were all getting along with each other, relatively well. Over the course of the 15 years since this picture was taken a lot of relative dysfunction has set in. Near as I can tell, the prime dysfunction instigator is my aforementioned big sister, who only recently added me to the list of those to whom she does not speak. Or "Friend" on Facebook.

My brother was between wives when this picture was taken. A short while after I moved to Texas my brother married a nice new wife. Since then my brother and his nice new wife moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Also in Arizona are my middle sister, my favorite brother-in-law and nephews CJ and JR. My mom and dad also moved to Arizona, first to Yuma, then to the Phoenix suburb of Sun Lakes, near the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, where my middle sister and favorite brother-in-law live.

My only close relatives who remain in Washington are my little sister, my dysfunctional big sister and my nephews and niece, half of whom I have not yet met, that being nephews David and Theo and niece, Ruby.

In addition to wondering whose house we are at in this picture, who took the picture? Why were we all together in one place in September of 1997. That usually happened only on holidays or funerals. And never in September, that I can recall.

As for trying to find my missing thermal underwear. I give up.

I did not have a walk in closet til I moved to Texas. Closets in Texas are just one more example of how everything is bigger here. My first walk in Texas closet was long and narrow. My current walk in Texas closet is long and wide. There are two large chests of drawers in there, 3 filing cabinets, two rows of rods to hang hangers on,  plus a lot of shelves. I could turn this walk in closet into another bedroom if I needed one. No wonder I lose stuff in there.


Anonymous said...

So your saying you virtually have a spare room for relatives to come visit.

Blue and Max said...

Michele asked us to tell you that it is at Jackie's house and she thinks JR was being a pill but she can't recall the reason for the photo. Oh, and she thinks she is now as old as you were in this pic. Scary. And the nephews have replaced her in age. Scary again.
And she wants us to tell you that soft toss is when one person stands near a fence with a bat and another stands near them and tosses balls, softly, to them and they hit them into the fence.