Sunday, April 1, 2012

It Is A Happy April Fool's Day Morning In Texas With Noisy Birds

As you can sort of see, via looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world, the first day of April is a sunny Sunday at my currently location in Texas.

Since it is April Fool's Day I was going to say I won the lottery last night and wanted to buy a new car for anyone who wanted one.

But then I decided that was just plain dumb.

The past couple years, on April Fool's Day, I have said that I am finally exiting the Great State of Texas, moving to greener pastures elsewhere.

But, that always brought way too many glad to see you go messages, which sort of hurt my delicate feelers. A couple people, if memory serves, got that me saying I'm leaving Texas was April Fool's foolery.

The bird symphony this morning is lacking its usual melodic coherency and is instead sounding like bad jazz, with discordant notes and an erratic syncopation. If the birds don't get their music act together I may need to shut my windows to shut them up.

Or go swimming and let the noise of the fountain waterfall drown out the avian squawking.

At this very moment, just as I was complaining about them, the birds have all shut up. Spooky.

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Steve A said...

Quiet birds: they got quiet in the Hitchcock movie before they attacked...