Friday, December 23, 2011

The Morning Of The 4th Friday Of December Ashamed About Corrupting The Morals Of People

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell on the morning of Christmas Eve eve, I see a swimming pool being refilled and a sky that appears to be full of clouds, possibly in preparation for Christmas Eve's possible falling snowflakes.

Currently, in the outer world, possibly in preparation for those possible snowflakes, the air is being chilled, with the chill level at this point in time being 36 degrees.

Changing the subject from my favorite one to bingo.

I do not believe I have previously mentioned on this blog that the Paradise Center has moved to a new location. And that the Paradise Center is now licensed to operate a charity bingo game in the big bingo hall next to their new location on Camp Bowie Boulevard.

So, with that being said I was a bit surprised at a very earnest comment this morning from a concerned Christian named Anonymous......

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Trying To Hike The Muddy Trails Of The Tandy Hills While Being Confused By My Closed-Head Injury": 

Y'all are helping to promote gambling and corrupting the morals of people, esp. them mentally ill people with that paradise cult you seem to be so supportive of. Then again closed head injury and mental illness ain't that much different, is it? No self respecting Christian would help promote or participate in such sinful activity as Bingo, conducted in their dirty smoke filled cramped dens they call bingo halls. Shame on you. 

I don't think it was very Christian of Anonymous to make fun of my closed-head injury in this manner. Or to refer to the Paradise Center as a cult.

But, I am sure, like all good Christians, that Anonymous means well, even though he seems to be a tool of the Devil.

This is the point in the morning where I used to say I was going swimming now. I don't know when I am ever going to be able to say that again.


CatsPaw said...

I have encountered too many "self respecting Christians" along the way who participate in any number of sinful activities, yet wag their gnarly finger at others. Good, don't go. Stay home and ask Jesus about that "Judge not ..." thing - especially when it comes to declaring "them mentally ill people" a cult. Better chance for me to yell "Bingo!"

I found out I was already corrupted a few years ago when a consultant hired at my former place of employment to determine what was wrong with our department, illiterately wrote in his report that we suffered from "low morals" among other deficiencies. Durango, bring your graven image, er, lucky troll doll, and I'll bring some deviled ham sammiches.

Durango said...

CatsPaw, have your "morals" improved at all since you ceased working at that place with "low morals"?

I wonder when Paradise Center Bingo starts up so we can go do some immoral sinning?

Old Methodist said...

Maybe before the so-called Christian commenter began his or her judgmental comment, he or she should do a quick research ...or simply use some reasoning. My brief research show that charity bingo was authorized by the Texas Legislature via a state law in 1982 which ensures that it is tightly regulated by the Lottery Commission. The proceeds are to be used only paying out cash prizes totalling a maximum of $2,500/"bingo occasion", operating expenses --which means tax revenue for local government --, a mandatory 5% tax on the winnings from that $2,500 which are split between the state and local governments.

The net proceeds then are to be used by the local charities hosting the Bingo games for LOCAL CHARITABLE CAUSES ONLY. Among these moral-corrupting Bingo hosts are churches, VFW and other war veteran groups, Big Brothers &Big Sisters, volunteer fire departments and police auxiliary groups, and countless other charities that rescue animals and help the less fortunate people in our communities.

I don't know about others but after what I learned about charity bingo, I think it can serve to lift the morale of our communities by providing jobs, tax revenue, and income for nonprofits to do their good works. If that's immoral, it's a gamble I'm willing to take (and I don't even play the lottery!!)

One thing I do hope that this new charity bingo provides is a clean and smoke-free facility because such a healthy cause shouldn't have to be operated in an unhealthy or shabby environment.

Tell us more about when you have the information, won't you? Because I'd rather spend the $10-20 for movie night on a good....and maybe get lucky and go home with a few hundred prize dollars.

CatsPaw said...

Thank you, Old Methodist, for that reasoned response of factual information. When Durango and I visited Paradise Center last summer, we got to see how, led by a dedicated and tenacious advocate, a small group of people were helping each other navigate difficult lives - when other agencies often ignored their needs. I would be delighted to see them have a consistent revenue stream - that they themselves are working for. There's no sin in that.

I must say that the Methodists I've known have been pretty sensible people. You get a ham sammich, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with commenter Catspaw that the what Old Methodist share was enlightening and very helpful. This opinion comes from a person who spent many an occasion, as a kid, tagging along with Grandma and sometimes with the whole extended family going to play bingo at the local VFW halls and to carnivals at our local Catholic churches. I didn't realize the extent of the positive contribution that our equivalent of a movie and dinner had on our tax revenue and just doing good. I guess that why they call it "charity bingo" and not a casino. Many good memories of family bonding and making friends as the direct result of my participation in charity bingo. I wish my teenagers would leave their video games and get out of the house to get some fresh air (smoke-free is great) and experienced what I had at their age.