Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Fort Worth Chesapeake Gate Left Wide Open To Chemically Altered Pond Of Water

The Wide Open Chesapeake Gate Scandal
I was on my way to Pantego today, driving on a day in Texas that is being like a stereotypical Western Washington dreary winter day, when I drove by a Chesapeake Energy fracking pond I've made mention of previously.

The fracking pond is on Brentwood Stair Road, east of Brentwood Stair's intersection with Cooks Lane.

The fracking pond is surrounded by chain link fence, with No Trespassing Signs.

Today the Chesapeake Gate was wide open. No Chesapeake Energy workers were at the site.

I turned around to take a picture. Getting out of my motorized transport I soon found that the ground was very muddy, so I could not get close to the sign.

A Fort Worth police car drove by whilst I was taking pictures. I wanted him to stop and ask what I was doing.

But he did not.


Does this seem right to you? That this gate would be wide open? Any little kid, passing by, could walk through the open gate thinking this was a fresh water pond to have some fun with. The little kid might touch the water, nice innocent shade of blue that it is, to see how warm it was. And find himself with a chemical burn.

Methinks this appalling negligence, on Chesapeake Energy's part, is the sort of thing that should be treated serious by law enforcement.

And it probably would be.

If this were any other place but Fort Worth.


Anonymous said...

It's a travesty that the gate isn't secured. A super hefty Star-Telegram reporter could skid off into it and make a big splash.

Anonymous said...

All that's missing is Betsy Price frolicking in a bikini which has been emblazoned, Nascar-like, with gas company logos.

(Well, maybe that's not all that's missing, but that is certainly missing.)