Thursday, February 18, 2010

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Only Asset Is His Hair Says Billy Mitchell

On the flip side of the cover of this week's Fort Worth Weekly there is a half page political ad that caught my eye.

The name of the guy who paid for the ad seemed familiar but I did not remember why til I went to his website.

Billy Mitchell. I first heard of him when he put up the billboard you see in the picture.

Victim of eminent domain abuse in, I believe, Parker County. That is the county to the west of the county I live in, that being Tarrant. Parker County has this real nice annual event called the Parker County Peach Festival.

Billy Mitchell is not a fan of Texas Governor, Rick Perry. I don't know anyone who is. But Perry somehow gets elected governor. I call this type thing the Mike Moncrief Conundrum.

I think I'll go to the bother of typing in Billy Mitchell's ad. I will change one word though. I will change "crap" to "bull" because I saw on his website someone suggested he do so...


Is it really necessary for Governor Rick Perry
and his wife to live in a three story mansion at
$10,000 a month bill to Texas taxpayers?

Texas Governor Bill Clements moved to a
$1,500 a month condominium when repairs forced
him out of the Governor's mansion.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee moved
into a mobile home. "I am a Republican, trying to
save the taxpayer's money," Huckabee explained.

When Perry was a Democrat, he billed
taxpayers more to fly aboard a private airplane
than any other legislator.

Texas taxpayers paid over $12,000 so Perry
could attend a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Taxpayers paid over $32,000
when Perry attend private meetings with
campaign donors in New York.

While Texas Workforce Commission is
overwhelmed by the surge in unemployment,
Perry acts surprised to hear there is
a recession going on.

Nine foreign trips by Perry and his wife cost
taxpayers almost $260,000.

Perry was not a millionaire until after he
became a politician.

No recessions going on in Rick Perry's world,
thanks to the Texas taxpayers!

Political ad paid for by Billy Mitchell of Aledo, Texas
Sources found at
(254) 486-0044


Anonymous said...

Governor Goodhair's most prolific work has been to enable exponentially the abuse of eminent domain for private gain, esp. for his TransTexas Tollway Vision that would have involved not just taking out people's homes WHOLE TOWNS. He vetoed legislations that would try to 'level the playing field " for the average citizens against aggressions by governmental and profiteering entities (often bedfellows). Vote ABP= anybody but perry.

patfromftworth said...

In spite of Gov.Perry's bad decisions: trans texas hwy, signing bill overriding legislatures ban on gays getting foster children, breaking up the religious camps families sending poor mothers all over the country to see their children, forgetting his campaign promises..He's head & shoulders above Kay Bailey Hutchison. She lies saying she will quit after one or two terms and probably now saying she's leaving. She went back to throw the healthcare bill to the pro-abortion dems by voting for cloture when the repubs said that would cause the bill to pass. Harry Reids home town is raising money for Perry. Do they want to keep her there helping the dems? She voted against an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between one mand and one woman only because "it didn't have enough rights for women." Someone being considered for V.P. doesn't have enough rights? Now you would have to define a woman and who should pay for you becoming one!Well, God is watching and when you vote for abortion, the weather freezes and appear to be getting more severe. More snow coming this year, thanks to pro-abort votes like hers. Texas repubs are supposed to be strictly pro-life. She should become a dem. for more honesty.

Billy Mitchell said...


Thank you for taking the time to post my Fort Worth Weekly ad. You are greatly appreciated.

Billy Mitchell

Durango said...

You are welcome Mr. Mitchell. I am a fan of your billboard.

Will you be at the Tarrant County Courthouse next Thursday, March 4, for the biggest anti eminent domain abuse rally in Fort Worth history?

Billy Mitchell said...

I was honored to be invited and I do plan to be there. I hope to meet you at that time. Thank you for all you are doing for the good people of Texas

Billy Mitchell