Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Loony Lunar Landscape Of Wink Texas & The Wink Sinkholes

The moonscape you are looking at, in the picture, is a satellite look at the infamous Wink Sinkholes, #'s 1 and 2.

Wink Sinkhole #1 is the smaller of the holes. It's the dark spot in the middle about a third of the way down the picture. On Wink Sinkhole #1's upper right is a big Tank Farm.

If you click to view the enlarged image you'll see lots of what look like the results of a massive bombing campaign and the resulting bomb craters.

A maze of what looks like trails, which are likely dirt roads, run all over the landscape. I don't know if one can drive around on this puzzling maze.

I suppose I should ask the Queen of Wink, what with her being the go to source for all matters pertaining to Wink.

Wink Sinkhole #2 is the big dark dot at the bottom middle of the picture. The bigger of the two sinkholes does not appear to be near any tank farms.

I found a good picture of Wink Sinkhole #2. This sinkhole is no dainty, little hole in the ground. It's huge. As in about 1000 feet in diameter with vertical cliffs rising about 60 feet from the water, covering around 18 acres

Wink Sinkhole #2 first sank in 2004. It continues to grow, with the no trespass chain link fence needing to be re-located as the sinkhole grows ever bigger and ever closer to Wink. The information one finds about the Wink Sinkholes all included the same message, as in "WARNING! This is NOT a tourist attraction."

Where does the water come from that looks so inviting in the sinkholes, I can't help but wonder, with the sinkholes being located in the parched West Texas desert? Maybe the Queen of Wink can enlighten us.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

That's a nice shot of the Sink, but I'm thinking it's been doctored. Too blue and too've been duped. The water? Industry produced darlin'

Durango said...

I got that picture of the Wink Sinkhole when I took my virtual visit to Wink a couple days ago, remember, when I could not find the Wink Airport or your caliche pits. I'm sure I've not been duped, the Wink Sinkholes look beautiful, just like that photo, I'm sure. I'm guessing you are part of Lesser Wink, like Lesser Seattle, where you are supposed to downplay the Wonders of Wink so as to discourage tourists from overcrowding your town.

How did the oil industry produce all that water? That's very X-Filish.

Gar said...

Winkler County sits on top of the Cenozoic Pecos Alluvium Aquifer.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

There were SIX injection wells in the location of the 2nd Wink Sink. They injected lots and lots of BRINE water down into the earth to force all that oil up. The first Wink sink also used to be a pretty blue, but now it's black. Not sure why the water in the first sink went from pretty blue to black.

Oh, and Gar...I'm guessing you're thinking you answered Durango's question? Yes, sweetie...we are all aware of the "underground" river, but we've been ASSured that it runs way too deep to be affected by the drilling. Sorry, you'll have to try again.

Durango said...

Is Garthro one of those oil/gas industry shills spewing propaganda?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I don't think he's an industry shill...just a bit ill informed...he tends to believe what he types

Anonymous said...

Being assured doesn't make me feel better. I'm not a geologist or a geo technician and I don't play one on the radio either...but...I do know that crap runs down a hill and not up it. Every aquifer has a replenishment zone and I don't think anyone can be completely certain of every zone.

Ubiquitous Anonymous

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Dear Ubiquitous Anon,
Gar the Texas was informing Mr. Durango that the water in the sink is from the aquifer...which it's not. That water is industry produced.

Now, you can clearly see how I've typed ASSured...that is what I think about the ASSurances of the OIL & GAS industry

Anonymous said...

I would hope the aquifer is not that polluted. I'm hoping the sink hole is contained, as well as it could be with the soil type that's around it, and it's not leaking into the aquifer.

Jovan Gonzales said...

There's nothing wrong with industry produced water you know. It's safe enough to drink! Heck, I'm sure some of those higher-ups in the industry have drank some! Like that one lady, oh wait, just kidding. She got fired.

And it IS possible that it's aquifer water mixed with gas well water. The aquifer Gar speaks of is connected to the Edwards Aquifer. I also know for SURE that in some places, the aquifer is a mere 15 feet below the ground. Big Spring, TX (not too horribly far from you) is named from a spring that is the result of the aquifer being so close to the surface and a depression in the ground similar to a sink.

I think pretty much everyone knows that I'm no O&G-lover. Bleh.

On a side note: the picture DOES make it look very nice. Kind of like some of the ones on the Yucatan Peninsula! You should convince the town of Wink to make a post card from that.

"Visit the 'Natural' Sink in the Town of Wink!"

Gar said...

Oh my god. I'm only gonna do this once for the illiterate in the group. I didn't say anything about the aquifer filling the sink hole. If you read up on how aquifers work, then the possibility exists depending on how high the aquifer level has risen (possibly because of rain and other factors) and how deep the sink hole has become. Read up on it. Do a Internet search on aquifers.

However, even with that knowledge spoon fed to you, it still holds true that "Winkler County sits on top of an aquifer" and that's all my comment said. I was simply supplying information before people jump to too many conclusions. I don't know where the damn water comes from. Maybe the deer in the area have blue pea and that's their pissing hole.

And if you are going to chastise me for sharing information that "everyone knows" then quote your sources when you call me stupid. You don't offer any proof that drilling filled the holes with water except your royal decree and I'm not much for royal decrees.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Well, if you didn't know then why did you butt in and pretend to act as if you knew...?

And as far as "royal decrees" go...I've not decreed any such thing. My information comes from the County Commish, the same one that gave me the guided tour, took me back to his office, showed me photos, and gave me a history of the industry produced water in the area. So much of it, in fact, that at one time, the industry just allowed the water to gush out freely, into what you and I know as the Monument Draw. Residents in Wink referred to that area as the Salt Lakes. No decrees here, just plain fact.

And again, I don't ever remember calling you "stupid"...just ill informed, which doesn't mean that one is stupid, it means that your knowledge on the subject at best isn't accurate or complete. Get a grip...darlin'

Durango said...

Geez Garthro---
I asked where the Wink Sinkhole water came from in the west Texas desert.

You commented...

"Winkler County sits on top of the Cenozoic Pecos Alluvium Aquifer."

If you did not impart that information to answer the where does the water come from question, then what point were you making?

Where did CT2 call you stupid? Why are you feeling the need to be so defensive over little things like this? You're starting to come across as a very brittle, cranky old man. It's not a good look on you.

Oh. And Happy Birthday.

Gar said...

Oh D, don't mind CT2.

She just believes what she types.

And your question, written in full was: "Where does the water come from that looks so inviting in the sinkholes, I can't help but wonder, with the sinkholes being located in the parched West Texas desert?"

Which lead me to tell you that Winkler County sits on top of an aquifer. So, "parched" or not, there is water there if you dig deep enough.

I don't mind playing the silly game. It's kind of fun. But when people quit reading and just start belittling for the sake of belittling it is a bit irritating. Especially when two gang up on one. I appreciate Jovan for jumping in with a voice of reason.

And just to prove the stupid point. CT2 wrote, "Well, if you didn't know then why did you butt in and pretend...".

Rinse and repeat. All I said was, "Winkler County sits on top of an aquifer." I "know" this to be true. If you want to get all bent out of shape out of that I'll let you. The truth hurts and all.

And that also makes me ill informed.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Gar--Oh, Puhlease forgive me, dear. Yes, don't mind me, I'm just an arrogant overstuffed self centered pompous Royal Pain, who believes everything I type, unlike you...darling.

I am ever so contrite for drawing an improper conclusion in thinking that you were trying to answer Mr. Durango's question. How foolish of me to have confused your muddled response, I feel just terrible about it, yes, yes...truly terrible and a bit awkward.

Yes, it is a bit rude to belittle someone...even if it is in the repose of just "poking" fun and having a good time. Like making rude comments about someone's appearance. Or telling someone what a huge disappointment they are to you. I can see how hurtful that could be, not that you've ever done it.

Durango said...

You have such a charming way of apologizing. You're just a little soft ball of southern honey butter.

Garthro seems terribly sensitive to your softly lobbed slings and arrows.

Is there a chance, perhaps, that he is harboring buried pains regarding you? Were you one of the multitude of Winkies who picked on the Garborator in school?

Were you nearby during some of the times he got shoved down the school stairs?

Were you among the giggling onlookers watching Gartholomew get chased by a shotgun shooting classmate, blasting cotton balls at the boy's butt while he screamed like a school girl?

Were you there when the boys tossed a naked Garbie outside the locker room during PE?

Being party to poor ol' Garth's troubled past might be why he turns into such a pissy little bitch when you engage him in one of your engaging dialogues.

I think you should apologize to Garthro, (he's big on getting apologies), for all the pain and suffering you may have inflicted in the past, 30 years ago, during your school years. Maybe if he gets that apology he'll quit being such a brittle rockhead over minor little things. I feel it's worth a try. Your powers are strong, able as you are, to turn a big ol' manly man, like Garth, into a pissy little bitch, so easily.

I bet you can't turn me into a pissy little bitch. Go ahead. Hit me with your best shot...

Gar said...

D, look up "engaging dialog".

CT2, look up "muddled".

Get back to me later.

Some people just push my buttons. Looking for an explanation should be fun.

Durango said...

G, look up "pissy little bitch." Or just find a mirror.

You're looking for an explanation as to why some people push your buttons? I just told you. It's because you're a pissy little bitch.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Wow. This seemingly docile post (along with all the commentators) went from normal to juvenile MTV faux-reality in about 2 seconds. Sheesh!

Listen. Wink has sink holes. None of us REALLY knows what is causing them or where the water in them is from. As far as we are all concerned, it's hearsay. If you'd like, I will speak to a hydrologist or a geologist so that we can find out real possibilities from experts so that no one gets butthurt. Efffff.

Wink is sinking. The sink holes are weird. They have water. The end.

You guys are sillyheads. That's all! :P

Durango said...

Don't go being such a mature voice of reason on my blog. You must try and become more of a juvenile sillyhead. Or a pissy little bitch.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Dango, don't you think it's even MORE silly that I'm the one that's probably about half the age of y'all? HAHAHA! Maybe less, I don't really know how anyone is.

Can I be a juvenile, silly, pissy, little, bitch? Wait. Aren't juvenile, silly, pissy, bitches basically normal hormonal teenages? So see. I MUST be the mature one! :P I can do what I want!

Durango said...

I thought you were 35 and just taking a long time to get through school.

The commenting on this particular blogging is getting out of control. I just got one from Anonymous that is the worst yet. I did not hit the publish button because Anonymous violated my no profanity rule. Mildly violated, but violated nonetheless. Plus it was so mean spirited it made Gar the Texan's pissy little bitch act seem like Suzy Sunshine.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Dango, you're either insulting yourself by saying you're 70 OR you're being cheeky about how young/mature I am lol.

You should've published it haha. I am rather enjoying this banter. It's like a microcosm of TV -- and just as addicted and silly to boot!

Gar as susy sunshine. That's great. I can only imagine anon's post in that case.

If nothing else, your posting just got tons of comment padding hahahaha.

Durango said...

It is no insult to be 70. I think I'm a pretty amazing specimen at my ripe old age.

I sent the bad Anonymous comment to CT2. If she wants me to hit the publish button on that one, I will. I'm just not a big fan of being mean. I know, it's a fine line. I have my own specialized criteria as to what qualifies as mean.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Psh. If you're 70 I'm Madonna. Hahaha. I guess it's good you didn't publish the comment. You have a pretty decent moral compass it seem?

Durango said...

Madonna Jovo---
Yes, you are correct. I have an extremely decent moral compass. As do you, I suspect. Doing the right thing comes natural to boys like you and me. We're pretty much saints. Uncredentialed saints, but saints, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

if you want to hook up with durango...pretending to agree with every little shit he says is soooooo 2nd grade. maybe you should just grow up and ask him out. instead of making a bigger bitch out of yourself on a public website than you already have.

Durango said...

Who is this Anonymous Boneheaded Blockhead making rudely inappropriate comments about you?

You're a bitch simply because you verbalize your opinion countering an argumentative person who can never admit he's made a mistake?

You pretend to agree with me? What were you agreeing with me about? I don't recollect myself presenting an argument about anything which calls for or doesn't call for agreement.

This Anonymous Boneheaded Blockhead says you are sooooooo 2nd Grade, while the Anonymous Boneheaded Blockhead comes across like an inarticulate, immature, meanspirited, ugly, school yard bully?

You should grow up and ask me out? I thought you already did that? Or was I just dreaming that we met and had ourselves a real good time?

Anyway, I think I've learned that when you ask a question about the Wink Sinkholes it somehow stirs up the dark forces that plague humanity.

And I hope you continue to be an ever bigger bitch on my very public website, I mean, blog.

Midland Molly said...

Long time reader, first time commenting. How did your question about water eventually turn in to that last anon being so mean to Cheap Tricks?

From my reading Gar started it by saying Wink sits on top of an aquifer. When I read that I thought he was meaning this was the source of the sinkhole water.

Then Cheap Tricks replied to that. Several anons seemed to also think Gar meant the aquifer was the answer. Then Gar acted all holier than thou about reading comprehension when he could have said that he could have communicated better by saying something like I don't know if its the source of the sinkhole water, but Wink sits above a big aquifer.

I don't know if you all are friends or what, but from what I've read Cheap Tricks seems knowledgeable, Durango is just funny, Gar seems to not have a sense of humor and comes across like a know-it-all who is never wrong about anything. Jovan seems to be a young wise wisecracker.

I find it cowardly to make mean statements about someone anonymously.

Gar said...

D-man --

What's that old saying about the pot calling the kettle black? Maybe I should call you Mr. Pot, but then that could be taken any number of ways.

Each and every one of your and the Queen's comments have been disparaging to me in some way. At some point it stops being funny.

I assume you are talking about me when you say, "argumentative person who can never admit he's made a mistake".

Well, I'm sorry. You are right. Winkler County does not sit on an aquifer. I was wrong.

Your Pissy Little Bitch.

Oh and thanks Jovan! I like normal hormonal teenager better. I've always been immature like that :D

Jovan Gonzales said...


Dango! I almost wish you hadn't posted that. What an ass (not you). That was way harsh. CTSquared is awesome. I mean, has anon read anything from her? That makes me so mad. I hate what the anonymity(sp?) of the Internet makes people do sometimes. How rude.

It seems that speaking of sink holes is a hot button for some. I gues major American topics of debate now must include sink holes. You know, healthcare reform, transportation budget, religion, immigration, gay rights, corporate protections, sink holes, etc. Hahahaha.

Durango said...

I posted that Anonymous bad boy after CT2 read it and gave the okay.

Durango said...

I think maybe you don't realize how you come across, and that is why you get directed at you what gets directed at you. You tend to, well, communicate poorly and then when something erroneous is pointed out to you, you get all defensive and shift your point. You're still spinning over your aquifer comment. In the context it seemed you were suggesting that that is where the sinkhole water came from. You could have chosen to, after it became clear you were misunderstood, simply said, "oops, I did not mean to suggest that the aquifer was the source of the sink water. I've no clue where the water comes from." Instead you chose to be insulting, saying others had a reading comp problem, and then proceeded to go into your superiority complex mode, which just invites bitch slapping you. Haven't we discussed this before? Decades later you still don't seem to get how it is you cause people to have an impulse to shove you down a stairway or shoot cotton balls at you with a shotgun. Perhaps if you read back through your comments to this very blogging and tried to hear what you are saying from the perspective of the other person reading it, like CT2, maybe a light bulb will come on, you'll figure it out, and then profusely apologize for being such a pissy little bitch.

Durango said...

Midland Molly---
Nice to read another voice of reason with elevated reading comprehension skills and accurate assessment powers. Your shorthand description of some of these characters, including me, seems fairly accurate. Except, in real life Garth has sort of a sense of humor, but that doesn't come through too clear at times when he is clacking his keyboard. CT2 is knowledgeable. She's a teacher. Jovan is a bit of a wise wisecracker.

Gar said...

Ok, Mr Pot.

I don't have a problem with what you are saying. In fact, I'd be glad to say, "oops, I did not mean to suggest that the aquifer was the source of the sink water." Of course saying I have no clue would be false information.

However, the way it was thrown in my face was like this:
"Oh, and Gar...I'm guessing you're thinking you answered Durango's question? Yes, sweetie...we are all aware of the "underground" river, but we've been ASSured that it runs way too deep to be affected by the drilling. Sorry, you'll have to try again."
and then "Is Garthro one of those oil/gas industry shills spewing propaganda?"
and then "I don't think he's an industry shill...just a bit ill informed...he tends to believe what he types"

So please forgive me for returning in kind. When people make ASSumptions in a disparaging way, I'm gonna get cranky. It's going to turn me into the Kettle.

Anonymous said...

O, O, there's rumors that the BIG O and her entourage are heading this way to whip you kids into shape, and give paternity tests to make sure you're not related by blood in some way--that's Maury Chung's part. I told you, s-O., Dr. Phil Good.

Durango said...

During your sessions with your shrink has she/he ever mentioned that you are a bit hypersensitive? People who are hypersensitive to their own delicate feelers, ironically, are often very insensitive to the feelers of others.

If you weren't hypersensitive I don't think it would bother you in the least having someone say you were a bit ill informed and tend to believe what you type about some random particular subject. Is what was said really so bad that it is worth turning yourself in to a pissy little bitch? I don't think so. You'd be way ahead in the game if you didn't give yourself permission to turn into a pissy little bitch and learned to roll with the perceived punches. In my ever so humble opinion.

Elsie said...

Now that I have read all the comments, I stand with my previous statement... :)

King Durango, nice ring to it.

Gar said...

I'm sorry.

I am ill informed.

I am an oil/gad industry shill.

I do believe what I type.

I have no communication skills.

I am hypersensitive.

I am a pissy little bitch.

And I find "Midland Molly" a funny little hypocrite. Or does she realize she simply changed her name from Anonymous to "Midland Molly". No help there.

She does have good grammatical skills and a firm grip on communicating though. Unlike holier than thou me.

What does that mean anyway? Holier than thou? Who is thou? Has thou been shot?

And you are correct. I am never wrong about anything.

Thanks, I'll be here all week.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Just food for thought, since the city of Wink, Texas DOES sit on THREE DIFFERENT aquifers, it is absolutely possible that the water could now be from that aquifer. Especially if it IS as deep as it's rumored to be. And with even more sleuthing, I've found that the Hendrick Oil & Gas field was tapped around 2500 feet. One of their main problems getting that deep was from WET SANDS DUE TO AQUIFER FORMATIONS.

Moving on. The Pecos River (right next door to Wink) receives a lot of it's base river charge from the aquifers in the region (That would be the Pecos Valley Aquifer, The Lipan Aquifer, and Dockum Aquifer -- the three right under Wink). I would think that if the Pecos River (being of no great depths) can be low enough in the ground to receive waters from said aquifers, it is entirely possible that the deep sinks in Wink also receive SOME water from said aquifers. Have those companies stopped pumping into those sinks? My sleuthing leads me to believe they have. In which case, those sinks should have much lower water levels and be progressively more toxic. The milky blue color, btw, is caused by dissolved calcium (in all of it's halide salt and alkali salt forms) in the water. If you were to scoop up the water, it would look pretty clear, but thanks to Rayleigh Scattering, from a distance, it looks that crazy blue. I believe I have (the best of my knowledge and sleuthing skills) answered the questions in an adult manner (sorry it took my getting tired of the bickering).

That's basically all stuff I wanted to say in the beginning, but then the Gar v. Dango & CT2 thing blew up. Psh.

So guys listen. I think the three of you read waaaaaaay between the lines.

Dango and CT2, I think you both did jump a little too far down Gar's throat after his very simple sentence, even if it was initially in good humor. If you KNOW someone is hypersensitive, you can't change that by telling them. So deal with it. Knowing that, if someone gets a little pissy, don't call it out. I don't know if you know this, but calling someone out on their flaws doesn't help anything.

Gar, I think you overreacted to CT2 and Dango's comments, this is the internet and you can't decipher emotion from text. I do believe it was poking fun initially, but then it turned into more than that once you responded with butthurtiness -- don't get so butthurt so quickly?. Psh, I dunno. I'm just an innocent bystander.

Asshole Anon, haven't you heard that if you can't say anything nice, not to say anything at all?

Midland Molly, I am a young wise cracker. I love it. ^_^ What I believe happened is that sarcasm and such are hard to decipher on the interwebz and Gar took somehthing Dango and CT2 said out of context. Then, CT2 and Dango got all butthurt about it and atttacked together. When you do a 2 on 1, the 1 always gets more aggressive. That's just what happens. Oh well.

So in summation: let's be growed up. Dango, CT2, Gar, it's just a blog. :P Y'all made my head hurt! Jerks, hahahaha. Now, I'm going to be stabbing people with needles extra hard! Hope you're happy!!! HAHAHAHA! Think of all the poor old people, and babies, and normal teenagers you've affected! BWAHAHA!

OH! Links for stuff.
Texas Water Development Board:
Hendrick Oil and Gas Field:
Info About Wink Sinks:

Durango said...

Now, if Midland Molly decides you need a bitch slapping will you have any awareness that you brought it on yourself due to calling her a funny little hypocrite?

I believe the cliche "Holier than Thou" refers to a person who projects a better than others attitude. Sort of like this latest comment of yours to which I'm replying. You seem to be trying for some sort of ironic sarcasm, but it just comes across as holier than thou. I'm not sure but I think there is a prescription drug that can control Holier than Thou Syndrome.

Durango said...

Thank you for your aquifer info.

And for attempting mediate as a neutral observer.

However, you can not play Switzerland with these serious issues. You must ally yourself with the Forces of Good, that being me, CT2, Midland Molly, Elsie and others, or turn to the Forces of Bad and ally yourself with Garth Vader and his Army of Two, that being Garth & the Evil Anonymous.

I hope you make the right choice.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Psh, if Switzerland has been able to do it for this long, then I think I can too! :P I choose option C) none of the above. I don't like to side with people. Unless I have to. And I don't. It's not actually a serious issue, haha. Maybe that's part of the "problem"?

In essence, by not siding, I think I have made the correct choice! I think you'll appreciate that Dango.

Durango said...

I can see you have put a lot of thought into turning yourself into your own personal Switzerland. While we would like you to be part of the Forces of Good, I guess we can take some solace, and peace of mind, in the fact that you won't go over to the dark side, being part of Garth Vader's motley crew of 2.

Midland Molly said...

I find that character you are now calling Garth Vader annoying. Calling me a funny little hypocrite. My name is Molly. I live in Midlands. I know no other Mollys in Midland. This is a far cry from making a comment as anonymous. Garth Vader seems to have a habit of acting like he's Mr. Right when he's actually being Mr. Wrong and then not understanding why people get mad at him.

Gar said...

Oh Midland Molly from Midlands, welcome to the fray. I know I am Mr Wrong. Nothing new there.

I don't know you from a hole in the wall just as I don't know anonymous from a hole in the wall. Midland from Molly could be deceiving all of us and actually be John Boy from Switzerland. We have no way of contacting her/him/it and we have no way of verifying the information.

Perhaps you should join D and C at the dictionary and look up anonymous. I'll wait here.

For a bit of all the wall fun go here.

Durango said...

Mr. Vader---
You say you have no way of contacting the her/him/it calling herself/himself/itself Midland Molly, yet you just contacted Molly in this very blog, responding to Molly's objection to your belittling remark calling Molly a funny little hypocrite, due to Molly verbalizing her objection to someone making nasty comments anonymously. You're acting all holier than thou again. I thought you promised to stop that if all the kids quit picking on you.

Midland Molly said...

I am so sorry. I don't know who this Midland Molly person is who has assumed my identity.

I think Gar is justified in his behavior and I am aghast that Durango would allow someone to use my name to post on his blog.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you Nasty Vader Anon. I didn't realize that's all I had to do...well, of course I can be all grown up and stop acting like a second grader. And now, since Darling Durango is now Royalty, decreed by Elise, *clearing throat* *batting eyelashes* *smiling sweetly* "Mr. Durango, will you please marry me?"

Midland Molly said...

This is the real Midland Molly. The person pretending to be me who is saying the behavior of the Gar character is justified is a lying name thief.

Midland Molly said...

I am not a name thief, you lying identity burglar type personage.

I'm offended at your implications. I feel sorry for that humble Gar man.

Durango said...

I step away from the computer for a couple hours and return to another marriage proposal. I tell you it's always something. Well, you asked quite sweetly, eyelashes batting, and all. If you could expand upon your proposal it might prove useful. I can't be rushed in serious matters like this.

I'm not certain, but I think Elsie's Royal Decree was in effect only after Durango became the consort of the Queen. I'm not sure if consort is the right word. I'm a little weak in the Royal verbiage department.

I'm sort of appalled that Nasty Garth Vader Anon caused you to act all grown up and to cease acting like a second grader.

But if that's what it took, good work, NGVA. Should a wedding take place, are you going to be wanting to invite NGVA?

Durango said...

The person pretending to be Midland Molly should be ashamed of his or herself. I assume the impostor is Garth Vader or his one minion, Nasty Garth Vader Anon.

Durango said...

Fake Midland Molly---
Everyone feels sorry for that Gar man. But that has nothing to do with you being a name thief and offensive provocateur.

I am not going to publish any more of your fake Midland Molly comments.

Unless it's funny.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Will the real Slim Shady, I mean Midland Molly please stand up? It's all so confusing.

I would love to have NGVA at the wedding, only seems appropriate seeing that it was he that brought us together...*contented sigh* I must correct NGVA, I never faked it. Maybe that's what he's used to...the women in his life always faking interest for some reason or another.

Durango said...

It's easy to tell who the fake Midland Molly is. She's the one who acts like she's being a paid shill for Garth Vader.

Well, if you want to have NGVA at the wedding you are going to stick him on your side of things, I don't want him upsetting my people with nonsense.

I really don't mind if you faked a thing or two a time or two. I'm all about feeling happy and pleased. If it takes a little faking to get me there, I'm okay with it.

Anonymous said...

Here's more random info..... Some engineers believe the sinks are caused from the same underground river that formed the Carlsbad Caverns. The ground 'sank' where it was weak-possibly from the drilling in earlier years. I live here & have for the better part of 30 plus years. I worked around Sink #2. As a matter of fact, I supervised the installation of the now long gone fence around it. There was another one but it didn't take long for it to be gobbled up! My son & his friends have gone swimming in that water. It's not brine but it's not fresh water either. Fish could live in it but it's really not that safe to drink. Kinda like Red Bluff Lake, if any one of y'all know what I'm talking about.

Mr. Moderator said...

You comment below, received at 4:32, when I hit the publish button, it did not show up, yours and another Anonymous, said they'd published, but they didn't. Maybe they'll show up later. Below is your comment. You Anon Vader denial has little credibility. Too much circumstantial evidence points to your guilt.

But the insinuation D & C are making to any of the patient people still crazy enough to read this foolishness is completely not true.

I kind of thought it was humorous. I even chuckled quietly when I read it, but I didn't come up with it.

Garth Vader I have been so named. Anon Vader I am not.

Gar said...

Well, that's convenient. Now I know what's been happening to all my other comments. Including my heart felt apology for causing this debacle.

Durango said...

Well now, that is aggravating. I assumed your heartfelt apology one did show up, but I just scrolled through and it's not there. I thought I'd made a comment about it. I'll see if I can find the heartfelt apology, which if I recollect correctly did not seem too overwhelmingly sincere.

Durango said...

Okay, I found your Heartfelt Apology. It did get published. There are too many to keep track of. Unless you have sent in a 2nd Heartfelt Apology today the one that said, in part...

"I have no communication skills. I am hypersensitive. I am a pissy little bitch. And I find "Midland Molly" a funny little hypocrite. Or does she realize she simply changed her name from Anonymous to "Midland Molly". No help there."

...did get published.

Gar said...

No, there was one after that. Now, it's lost to the ether we call net.

I thanked Jovan, apologized for overreacting and made a snide remark about being born in February. It's a shame you lost it.

I'll have to quit publishing my comments after this. One was mangled and one was lost. It's not worth the effort.

Durango said...

Garth Vader---
Your latest Heartfelt, uh, Apology, is not lost. I found it in the deleted folder. When I re-clicked the publish button it told me this comment had already been moderated. What comment got mangled?

Anyway, below is your un-mangled pseudo apology in all its glory. And I gotta say, this unreliable Google Blogger publishing thing is starting to annoy me. I recollect when I read your pseudo apology, finding it amusing, and hitting the publish button....

Dearest First Voice of Reason (alias Jovan),
After re-reading the entire debacle, I can see where I way overreacted to the initial jab. It has some historical relevance that is not seen here. But I take full credit for the overreaction and I must apologize. I realize now that I was wrong.

However, the resulting train wreck is way too much fun. It's like racing downhill into a vat of fun spewing sulfuric acid with no way to stop.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like some name-calling childlike debate amongst children.

It's an Aquarius trait to look at all sides of an issue and try to find some middle ground. Good on ya!

Gar said...

One more and then I'm done. The "mangled one" was the one re-published by Mr Moderator. I'm not sure if you mangled it on purpose of it it was Google's fault.

I didn't post that anonymously (you said yours and another anonymous). I've never posted any of my comments anonymously unless you consider my Molly from Midlands thing which I thought was obviously me.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Holy eff. I leave for a few hours and have my mind blown when I come back. That was just way too confusing. Jesus and crackers.

On side notage: I'm the voice of reason!!! Yay me! I don't see how racing downhill into a vat of sulfuric acid is "fun," I think I'd rather see someone else doing it. That'd be fun.

Didn't know that being able to see the bigger picture was an Aquarian trait. I know nothing of astrology other than I'm an Aquarius and I am born in the year of the Rabbit. That's all! ^_^

Durango said...

Hypersensitive Garth---
I didn't mangle that comment. I cut out a piece so that I could ask if that was the apology comment you were talking about. I took out the line breaks so as to condense the thing. I didn't realize, at the time, that this was mangling or that you had a mangling issue. So, I am profusely sorry I mangled your excellent arranged words. I hope you can forgive me. I hope you realize the original was totally un-mangled and was published in the pristine condition it arrived in.

Bryan Davidson said...

Are there fish in these sinks? Do people swim in them? How fresh is the water, has it been tested for salinity and other things?

Durango said...

Bryan, I don't believe it is recommended that one swim in the Wink Sinks. But, I have heard some Winkers have done so.

Bryan Davidson said...

Winkers? Oh boy. Is that what people living there call themselves? Personally, I don't think that I would do so. It sounds all too close to wankers.