Friday, February 19, 2010

Filezilla & Luluzilla Are Vexing & Perplexing Me This Morning In Texas

I'm having me a frustrating morning.

I have tried 4 different FTP programs to try and upload website files to a Yahoo account. I was able to successfully connect with something called Filezilla, and I got some of the files transferred, but then it balked, something to do with unallowed characters.

And then this morning I found that a scary Big Ghost from my past was stalking my blog and my co-blogger's blogs, this after this Big Ghost has long said she was out of my life, she's now back in full Toxic mode.

At least I'm not having to look at her in person, so I guess I should be thankful for that.

It is sort of frustrating, when you think you are well rid of something and that something has pretty much faded from memory, and then to have it back. In any form.

This is not the first reappearance of this particular irksome pest. A few months ago she emailed me asking if I wanted to re-start a website we did a long long time ago called Lulu & Durango in As The WWWeb Turns. I declined the offer, reminding Lulu that the original version did not work out very well.

Looking at that picture of Lulu, taken the last day I saw her, that's a year and a half ago, I wonder how much bigger she's grown? How is she able to get on an airplane? That's sort of an impressive feat.

Anyway, anyone with a Yahoo FTP solution, please step forward and identify yourself, or just give me an anonymous answer. I need help.

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Bill Miller said...

I don't know about Yahoo specific issues but the FireFTP plugin to Firefox handles all my FTP needs well. Good luck.