Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carter Avenue's Steve Doeung & Abuse Of Power In Fort Worth Texas

I have written about the Fort Worth Gestapo Stormtrooper Raid on Steve Doeung's home on Carter Avenue, more than once.

It crossed my mind, ever so slightly, that I might be being slightly hyperbolic referring to Fort Worth's code compliance and police officers as Gestapo Stormtroopers.

This morning I learned new information regarding the details of the Gestapo Stormtrooper raid that turned it into an even more Nazi-like fascist intimidation abuse of power outrage.

To protest the Chesapeake Energy plan to run a pipeline under Carter Avenue Steve Doeung installed a visual protest in front of his house.

The visual protest was a 2 foot long green 16 inch pipeline on which 2 laminated signs were attached, saying "Stop the Carter Avenue Pipeline." That's Steve in his visual protest in the picture.

Steve Doeung was exercising his American Right to Free Speech.

On 3 occasions, in late November and early December, of 2009, within 1 to 3 days of Steve's visual protest appearing in some media form, such as in FW Weekly, the City of Fort Worth sent in its stormtroopers, on a raid, to write up citations regarding Steve's visual protest, with the citations saying Steve had committed a code violation by having a "discarded item in public view."

Each of the citations carry fines ranging from $250 to $2,000.

You reading this in non-Texas America. Aren't you proud to have Fort Worth in our country?

Or are you ashamed that a city like this is in America?

Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. It's not really Fort Worth that's the problem. It's Fort Worth's corrupt city government, led by a mayor, Mike Moncrief, elected in a 70% landslide by the 6% of voters who bothered to vote. Fort Worth's corrupt mayor makes over $600,000 a year from the gas drilling companies poking holes in his town.

The City of Fort Worth Gestapo Stormtrooper intimidation raids on Steve Doeung's home are an example of the bad things that can happen when you have a Conflicts of Interest laden mayor who is a lapdog of an industry doing business in his town.

Can't someone somewhere follow the chain of orders that led to the raids on Steve Doeung?

Can't someone somewhere see that the Gestapo Stormtrooper raids on Steve Doeung are a criminal abuse of power?

Can't someone somewhere in this town of Fort Worth, besides me and a few others, see how wrong it is that Mike Moncrief is on the take from the gas drillers, while he makes decisions regarding that gas drilling?

Like the decision to run raids on Steve Doeung. On 3 occasions.

Who ordered that all the celebratory American flags be removed from Carter Avenue? Remember those flags that were celebrating Chesapeake Energy saying there was an alternative route for the non-odorized natural gas pipeline?

This was another expression of free speech stifled by Fort Worth's fascists.

Think I'm wrong to refer to the city government that ordered the raids on Steve Doeung as fascists?

Well, from Wikipedia, "Fascist governments forbid and suppress openness and opposition to the fascist state and the fascist movement."

You know, like how Mike Moncrief runs his city council meetings. Or how he won't speak to Fort Worth Weekly. Or put himself in any situation where he can be asked hard questions. Like a courtroom.

Suppress opposition to the state? Like taking down American flags, and fining a man for protesting a plan to run, what he believes to be a potentially dangerous pipeline, under his home.

The people of Fort Worth need to start doing some heavy duty rabble rousing and protesting and opposing and run the fascists out of this other-wise fine town.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Wow! So, that was the "discarded" item Steve was ticketed for! Incredulous. An incredible post and inspiring post. Somewhere there is a lawyer who is brave, courageous and willing to take this on. I wonder who it will be.

Anonymous said...

CT&CT--whoever it is will most likely come from outside of the B.S. area because this guy has appealed to pretty much every conceivable sources of help in "serving justice", including the Tarrant County Bar Ass., the Law School that is operated by his alma mater which is supported by the traditionally socially-conscious Methodist denomination, and of course all those 2,000+ lawyers in Tarrant county alone who either heard/read about this unusually long eminent domain case or have actually eyewitnessed Steve standing alone in his common man's clothes going toe to toe with the team of custom suit wearing hired assassins doing CHK's "contract hit". It's not for the lack of knowledge or brains, but the lack of guts and, ahem, other organs. Two centuries ago, Edmund Burke said that in order for evil to prevail is for good people to do/say nothing.