Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Pig's Rectums & Strange Berries In Arlington Texas

I had to be in Arlington to sign something around noon. On the way to do that it was being such a perfect day I thought a walk around Veterans Park would be a good thing.

Many people thought the same thing. The desire to get outside and enjoy the nice day was likely somewhat prompted by relief at having the heavy fog of this morning disappear, replaced by a solid blue sky.

Walking Veterans Park I searched in vain for another Arlington outhouse for my Arlington Outhouse Series. I took a picture of the composting exhibit, but that's really not the same thing, even remotely, as an outhouse.

Walking through the Veterans Park Xeriscape I thought I was smelling roses, but could not find them. I did find a strange plant that had no leaves, but did have very colorful clusters of purple berry-like things dangling on twigs. My picture does not do justice to how both cool and odd, this plant looks.

After I finished signing something I decided to go to the Cho Saigon New Market to get an apple and orange for the cranberry chutney I'm making for Thanksgiving. I also needed fresh Ruot Gia for the exotic stuffing I'm sticking in my bird. For those of you who do not speak Vietnamese, Ruot Gia is Pig's Rectum. Yes, I know this sounds disgusting, but you really must try and expand your world into an appreciation of the foods of other cultures. I've learned to do this from watching Anthony Bordain's No Reservations show on the Travel Channel.

The party who rode with me to Arlington was not believing my account of the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium being surrounded by outhouses, despite the photo proof, so I had to do a drive-by of the stadium after I got my pig's rectum. This drive-by was coming from the south on Collins. I had not seen the extensive stadium outhouse collection on the west side of the stadium. I was in a hurry, so no photos were taken.

Who wants to come for Thanksgiving Dinner at my place now that you've heard about my tasty stuffing?


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Since I only eat pig rectum fried and since I can no longer eat fried foods, I'm thinking I'll have to pass, but hey, you enjoy yourself!

Durango said...

You West Texas sorts have very strange eating habits. Who in their right mind would fry pig rectum? That is disgusting. Is there nothing you Texans won't fry?

Bill Miller said...

I'll pass on the stuffing but your berries are American Beautyberries.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Umm...I'm still thinking