Friday, March 27, 2009

Tandoor Indian Restaurant & Arlington's Chinatown

I had to be in Arlington by the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium at 10 this morning. This seems to be becoming a habit. We have not yet returned to dry, blue skies. So, instead of the usual Arlington related mountain bike ride at River Legacy Park, this Friday I went to the Hong Kong Market in Arlington's Chinatown.

I got me a real nice wok at the Hong Kong Market. And lots of stuff to cook in it. But by the time I was done with what drew me to Arlington I was hungry. When I leave the stadium area I head west on Randoll Mill Road. I had intended to drive Randoll Mill to Fielder Road and then get on the freeway.

But at the intersection of Randoll Mill and Fielder there is this place called Fielder North Plaza. And at that plaza there is Tandoor Indian Restaurant. I've read rave reviews of this place, but had never eaten there. Til today.

At lunch Tandoor has a buffet. I've been to a lot of Indian buffets. Tandoor's is the best as far as my memory goes. Tandoor has a good website in addition to good food.

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Stenotrophomonas said...

The weird thing about the Tarrant County Indian restaurants that I know (Tandoor, its sister restaurant Maharaja, the very similar Bombay Grill, and the new India Grill) is that they all feature beef on the buffet. Now go to Irving - where the best local Indian restaurants are, IMO - and beef is nowhere to be found. Not strictly vegetarian by any means; there is plenty of chicken, goat, fish, etc.
But I've never seen pork.